Theta: What It Is and How to Get Some


Theta is a new cryptocurrency that has been steadily rising in price. So how do you get Thetacoin? You can buy it on most major exchanges, including Coinbase and Kraken. To understand how to invest in the coin, we need to first look at what Theta is.

Theta is a blockchain-based video delivery network that looks to solve the current bandwidth problem in streaming. The company has created a decentralized peer-to-peer content distribution system, which they believe will result in uninterrupted HD quality at lower costs for consumers and drastically reduced data load on networks.

You can see how this differs from most traditional models – where companies like Netflix own their entire customer base’s viewing experience with centralized servers delivering streams directly to customers’ homes via geolocation – by looking at what needs are met:

  • Provides an end-to-end solution “users do not have to worry about complex issues such as geolocation or device compatibility” because it does not rely on external infrastructure providers (such as ISPs)
  • Theta Labs has a free peer-to-peer delivery model (that is, there are no barriers to entry) and provides users with an “uninterrupted viewing experience.”
  • Theta is decentralized, meaning there’s no single point of failure – which means if one node fails, the system can continue to operate.
  • Users do not need high-end hardware and have a low bandwidth requirement (less than 20 Mbps) due to streaming in fragments rather than streams.

Theta has already been used by major companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment for their live TV service on Twitch and Microsoft Azure Media Player. With this kind of backing, it seems like an investment that will grow further with time. If you’re looking to invest in Theta, it has recently been announced that the coin will be listed on three new exchanges. These are CoinBene, Bitz, and Hotbit – all of which offer to buy options for BTC or ETH.

First, the Theta network is a decentralized video delivery system. This means that it does not rely on external infrastructure providers (such as ISPs) and instead operates based on peer-to-peer connections to deliver HD quality content without interruptions.

Second, unlike most streaming services where companies like Netflix own their customer’s viewing experience using centralized servers with streams delivered directly to consumers’ homes via geolocation, users do not need high-end hardware for low bandwidth requirements due to fragmentation rather than streams.

Thirdly, there are no barriers for entry, meaning all data can be delivered instantly regardless of location or device compatibility since peers in this free model handle everything; finally, major companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment have used Theta already for live TV services on Twitch, and Microsoft Azure Media Player.

Useful tips for investing theta coin

– Buy Theta coin on major exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken

– Buy theta coins with Bitcoin or Ethereum at CoinBene, Bitz, or Hotbit.

– Convert your bitcoins into ethers if you’re not already holding them (for example, using ShapeShift). And then buy ETH from an exchange like Binance. Finally, please send these to a wallet that supports ERC20 tokens so that they can be traded for THETA

– Buy THETA at the Theta network ICO, which is currently happening.

Why Invest in Theta?

Suppose you want to invest in something that will grow further with time. In that case, this seems like one of those safe bets – because it’s backed by industry giants who have used the network successfully.

How to get free theta coins?

– Sign up to the KARMA network

– Refer friends and family members for more free KARMA. When they click your referral link, reward them with 50% of all the points that you earn on their referrals

– Collect your daily KARMA by enabling notifications.

– Spend time on the KARMA platform so that you will be rewarded with points.

– Refer others to the KARMA platform for an added chance at winning free THETA

What are some of the other ways one can make money from Theta?

– You can work as a miner and receive THETA rewards by mining on your PC. For instance, you’ll need Windows Vista or higher with four gigabytes of RAM (or more) and at least five gigabytes worth of disk space available plus about 30 minutes per day so that it will run smoothly.


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