Building a Strong Vocabulary: Tips to Pass the 11 Plus Exams This 2021

11 plus worksheets

The 11 plus exams will resume this September 2021. With such a tight competition among the best and the brightest pupils in the UK, it’s only necessary that your child has the arsenal to succeed. One of which is having a strong vocabulary.

The CEM 11 plus exam is more concerned with vocabulary-building than GL Assessment exams. If your region will follow the CEM exam formats, then your child needs a strong vocabulary. Through vocabulary building, your child has more chances of passing the grammar school tests.

If you’re eager to beat the odds in the extremely difficult 11 plus exams, here are some tips to build a strong vocabulary:

Get Into Gaming

The best way to learn is to incorporate gaming into the lessons. It makes the practice more mentally stimulating since your child has to strategize to win.

One of the best services out there today is KidSmart.This company offers a wide variety of games tailored to improve a specific part of speech. Each stage is rewarding and your child is guaranteed to have a good time while learning.

Hire an Online Tutor

With the threat of the pandemic still in the air, online is the only way to go. Truth be told, every parent would be eager to hire online tutors to pass the grammar school exam. You must not lag behind the competition and get a tutor for your child.

Apart from games, KidSmart also provides online tutor support. The tutorial services costs vary depending on the tutor and the topic. Price starts at $25 and goes up to $55. A small cost that gives you great value in return.

Use 11 Plus Worksheets

Want your child to get familiar with the exams? Downloading 11 plus worksheets might be your best bet. These worksheets often include a wide selection of topics including vocabulary.

Make sure that you get reliable worksheets for your child. Try to get from various resources so you can have a great selection and versatility. Use it for mock examinations too to get your child in the zone.

Read More Books

It’s no mystery that reading awards children with better vocabulary and creativity. Select books that are aligned with the CEM format so you can get started.

There are plenty of free online books you can get for your child. But if you want, you can opt for physical book copies so you can highlight notes as you move forward.

Track Your Progress

The only way to know if your child improves is to track your progress milestone. Apart from getting 11 plus English worksheets, you must also create a tracker to look back into your child’s progress.

If you want to make tracking easier for you, you can use KidSmart’s services and have access to their Topic Wise Progress feature. This tool will show your child’s progress in certain topics and subtopics.

To secure a spot at a top grammar school in the UK, make sure your child has a robust vocabulary to pass the 2021 exams!


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