In terms of length, wigs can be classified as short, mid-length, and long. In terms of style, wigs can be divided into Wavy, Straight, and Curly. And different color like 13×4 lace wig and many more. Based on the materials used, wigs can be classified as synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, European hair wigs, and African American wigs.

Let’s now look at the definition of certain professional words regarding hair products.

Lace Wigs

Lace wigs are designed for people who suffer from moderate to a severe loss of hair. However, they can be used by anyone who desires the high-quality lace that it offers. This lace makes it appear that hair develops from the scalp. It is constructed of the finest poly-silk mesh base that has fibers attached to the fabric. It is positioned either on the top of the hairline or in front of the crown. They can be divided in any direction to give the most flexible styling. They’re lighter and more comfortable on the skin than average hair wigs.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front closure wigs look more natural thanks to hairlines that are natural. It is constructed of a fine mesh of poly-silk where fibers are connected to the thin, air-tight fabric. It is put in near the back of the hair to make it appear as a natural hairline. It can be divided in any direction to give the greatest styling flexibility.

African American Wigs

African American wigs are made of high-quality human-made fiber identical to human hair, except for the eyes of the most skilled. Hair fiber is “pre-styled” with curls or straightness stored in its “memory” of the fiber. This allows for easy maintenance for the lifetime of the hair. If you take care of them, the wigs can last quite a long duration.

European wigs

European hair wigs are made from European hairs. It has curly, straight, and wavy in three styles European hairs are stunning and natural. You can get funky colored wigs like blue bob wig in these wigs.

3/4, Headband Wigs

3/4 Wigs make you appear natural and attractive in just 10 seconds. It comes with a hard or soft headband that is easy to attach. For a 3/4 wig to be worn, you simply need to place it 2 inches away from your hairline and blend your hair into the wig’s hair using a brush or pulling your hair with it.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic wigs are made of synthetic hair. However, they look like human hair and are extremely low. They also come in more styles and colors than human wigs.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are available in synthetic or human hair and are inexpensive, light, and easy to put on without harming your hair. Combine these undetectable clip-in extensions with the hair and go from long to short, add the appearance of volume or texture.

Hair Weave

The art of hair weaving involves attaching hair to the scalp by weaving it into synthetic hair or human hair. As more celebrities and stars are beginning to explore new hairstyles, Hair weaves have been gaining popularity. There are many methods to connect Hair weavings to the hair. You can weave it to the root area of your hair so that it blends naturally on your hair or attach small clips to the weave area to make it like clip-in hair extensions. If you’re thinking of weaving your hair, it is crucial to consider your options and be aware of the various effects certain hairstyles could affect your hair’s natural texture.

Hair Braids

Hair braiding refers to the process of attaching hair to your scalp through braiding it in synthetic hair or human hair. As celebrities and stars have started to explore new hairstyles, Hair braids have gained popularity. Hair is braided around the root of your hair, so it is a natural fit into the hair. If you’re considering braiding your hair, It is crucial to research your options and comprehend the various effects certain hairstyles may affect your hair’s natural locks.


HairPieces are an excellent method to increase length and volume. When your hair’s length is sufficient for small ponytails or two pigtails, then you can wear this hairpiece. The hairpieces are equipped with a jaw clip, claw clip, interlocking, combs, elastic string, or scrunchies based on the style. Combine scrunchies in the same style or a different one to create over-the-top volume or fun, unique designs.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape used in hair extensions is the simplest method to apply for long-lasting hair extensions. Hair extensions are attached using specific tape.


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