The Easiest Ways To Change Location On Tinder

Change Location On Tinder

Have you been looking for a soulmate on Tinder but unable to? Probably, the cause could be that in your location, there are no interested mates to hang out with you. But you need not worry much about it, Tinder has brought up a new feature where you can easily know how to change location on Tinder and get mates who are much interested in you. But before looking at how to change the location, we really need to understand why the change, since as a user you might still be getting enough attention from the neighborhood and that might not be the reason for you to opt to change your location. Here is a brief of what might cause a tinder user seek to know how to change your location on Tinder:

For Travelling

While many people work at a permanent office, there is this group of people that are known to be nomads, working from an office is not their portion, they can work from anywhere in the world. Since most of them use Tinder, you might just need to change your location to fit your journey needs.

For New Amazing faces

You might have gotten used to the faces of the soulmates in your region, and would like to fake a location to attract new faces and people. This will drive you to change your Tinder location

To create new connections

As a person, you might just need to connect with new people even for different reasons. Tinder creates a good interface but you will need to learn how to change location on Tinder to achieve the connections you need that are outside your location.

After looking at the reasons that can cause us to change location on Tinder, then here are the ways we can use to change or fake a location on Tinder to improve on whatever neds we are having.

  • Change it on Facebook

Normally, your Tinder account can be accessed through Facebook, but you will be required to log in with your details. While on the Facebook page, you can change the location or even fake one if you are not using tinder plus. Learn how to change location on Tinder just by visiting the link above, with very few steps you will be there and perfectly enjoying the location that is not really yours.

how to change location on Tinder

  • On your android phone

Android phones are used by very many people in the world and have not been exempted by Tinder developers. The developers have also advanced the features on it in a way that you can easily change the location from your real location to a fake one.  Here is a short guide on how to change location on Tinder and enjoy the benefits of the other location when you are not really there, all you need is a fake GPs application on your android device and run it. You will then be required to change some GPs settings that can be read from the link above.

  • Change location on iPhone

iPhone users have also not been left behind, Tinder has all of you in their minds and has worked so hard to ensure you all are enjoying the best features. Dr.Fone-Virtual Location will be a great choice for you.

After learning the benefits or the needs that might lead you to learn how to change your location on Tinder, we understand that all operating system users need that feature to have a smooth and enjoyable time. The link to how to change location on Tinder in the above paragraph has detailed steps on doing this procedure that will give you a step ahead in finding your soulmate or that new connection.


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