How to Repurpose Your Content? 3 Smart Ways


Are you struggling to put out fresh and unique content for your users? As a digital marketer, there are times when you may get stuck, and ideas may not come to you quickly. Constantly coming up with new content is a challenging task. This is where repurposing some of your old content can come in handy. You can make use of your old content and repurpose it for a different set of audiences. This also helps save some time. 

What is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing is creating the content purposefully, giving it a new life. Content repurposing, sometimes called content recycling, is re-using existing content and presenting it in a new format to expand its reach and lifespan. As you create new content, you can plan for various ways to share a unique piece with content repurposing. Ensure you target a new segment of the audience to share the knowledge.

For example, sharing an old blog post that you update with new relevant data can be considered as content repurposing, converting a blog into a podcast, picking up parts from an ebook to create an infographic, or picking up critical moments of a video to post it as reels on Instagram to generate hype about the video are just a few examples.

Why Should You Repurpose Content?

Finding new ways to make use of existing content can have several benefits. You will reach a new audience base when you use the same content to appeal to different audiences. You will be able to get a new type of audience who prefer visual images or infographics over text blogs. The content can be repurposed as a podcast as well. Repurposing old content also means refreshing the content that has been forgotten. Old content or posts get lost eventually as search engines promote newer or recently published articles more. This way, you will be refreshing the old lost content and putting it up in a different form to appeal to a new set of audience. Also, if you put a lot of effort into the content but did not do that well previously, reshaping it into a different form might just be what it needed to get noticed. It gives your content a second chance.

How to Repurpose Content:

1. Create a YouTube video:

The most popular and helpful way to repurpose a blog post is to convert it into a YouTube video using an AI Video Generator. The text-to-video option makes use of an AI Avatar that looks realistic. The text-to-video conversion can be done quickly when you use DeepBrain AI. This video conversion from text only takes about 5 minutes when you use this platform.

2. Create an Infographic:

When your blog posts contain statistics and data, the most sensible thing to do is convert them into infographics. Consumers are keen on engaging with visual content. Infographics are a great way to attract an audience and offer the best engagement when posting on your site or any social media platform. 

3. Create a Podcast Episode:

It has recently become very popular with people. Instead of watching a video, many audiences enjoy just listening to the content. Which can reach a different set of audiences. Hence, converting your blog to a podcast is a simple way of repurposing it.

The Bottom Line:

While content repurposing is a great idea that saves a lot of time and also makes sure that the content that did not get its due credit is now noticed by the audience. Content repurposing is creating the content purposefully, giving it a new life. But you must understand what should be done so the audience does not feel like you are producing repetitive content. Then it will only reduce engagement with your content even further. Making use of the tips above for repurposing your content smartly improves your page visibility and your website SEO and improves real user engagement.      


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