5 Best Instagram Growth Service and Strategies

Instagram Growth Service

Instagram Growth Services are a backbone if you wish to grow on Instagram. If you are searching for the best Instagram growth service then here is a list of different tools that provide growth services to its customers.

5 Best Instagram Growth Service

  • Kicksta- It is a powerful growth tool for an individual who wishes to use Instagram as an online platform to raise his brand or business. The tool enables you to experience real growth as you are not required to worry about spam. All of the followers you gained here will be real and will engage with your content.

The growth tool helps you to search out profiles that are similar to yours. You are not required to do anything for getting followers, kicksta will do everything on your behalf. For gaining a bunch of followers, don’t forget to create impressive and attractive content.

You can choose any of the 2 plans of kicksta to enjoy their growth services. Their standard plan provides moderate growth. However, if you buy the premium plan then you can enjoy the benefits of VIP email support, Live chat support and advanced targeting along with the pros of the premium plan.

  • Combin- It is the next valuable tool on the list for content planning and Instagram marketing. A tool comes with a bunch of features and simple logic. To improve stats on the platform, you can directly purchase them. But this type of growth can’t be referred to as real growth.

Combin growth not only helps you to target the audience. Besides, it also plays an important role in analyzing engagement and managing it. Some of the basic features of Combin growth are- performance and growth statistics, action automation, audience management, etc.

You can auto-publish your post through Combin scheduler. So, if you get busy with other tasks your posts be posted at regular intervals of time. Hence proved, it is a powerful tool that you should try for sure.

  • Upleap- This growth service is a perfect option for those who are looking for a dedicated account manager. Whose task is to gain more Instagram followers and to engage with other Instagram users. As a result, you can gain more exposure, likes and followers.

The setup of upleap is easy and you have to follow a short procedure to sign-in. Three plans are available for this growth service with their different price range. Lite, standard and premium, for more details you can check out their official website.

  • Socialsensei- This marketing agency works with reputed celebrities and influencers. To help their client to get a wide number of followers, they use their contacts with celebrities and micro-influencers.

Their strategy is safe, trusted and reliable. Moreover, they promise you to provide their valuable services until you get followers. There 3 plans silver, gold and platinum enable you to get a global audience base.

The price of these plans depends on your preference. For example- it will increase if you are targeting a specific location like the US or Europe. It is advisable, for getting a large follower base you should prefer their enterprise plan,

  • Ampfluence- This growth service help to amplify the influence of your Instagram account. It is a human-powered service where everything will be real. Meanwhile, no place is there for fake followers or bots.

They know well that every niche is different. To better target their audience, they take some time when you start with them. In this period, they have a glance at your expectations, brand, niche and audience.

No doubt in this, that if you keep delivering quality content, then you can touch new heights with the help of Ampfluence.

3 Organic Strategies of the best Instagram growth service to build your brand

For the majority of individuals, Instagram growth means the number of followers you attracted or gained. The task sounds easy but it needs a combination of compelling account, brand exposure and increased account engagement.

Growth through purchasing the followers and likes is not a good idea. Moreover, the act is against Instagram service policies. It will not only harm your account. However, might even get your account banned.

  • Consistency is the key to success- The majority of posts on Instagram don’t go viral. To showcase them in front of your targeted audience you are required to search a better way than your competitors.

It is advisable to notice the factors like-

  • Your posting schedules
  • Posting Frequencies
  • Quality of the content

If you post consistently, it will set up an expectation for your followers to wait for the next one. Larger brands post multiple times a day. On the same token, smaller businesses post very rarely. No matter whichever option you choose, but make sure that it is a consistent schedule.

  • It will be an ideal decision to invest in content production and diversity- For account growth, the strategy is of great importance. If you are confused about it, then you can hire an agency or a freelance photographer to help with this hectic but important task.

For a perfect example, you can take Magnolia’s Bakery. They replace their eyes with cupcakes for a selfie, which is a great representation of the brand.

  • Promote cross-platform for fruitful outcomes- To depend on Instagram or any of the one platform is not a profitable deal. You can also use other reliable platforms like Pinterest for extending the reach of Instagram content.

Some good examples of cross-platform promotion include- adding social media buttons in your email newsletter, website footer and large digital ads.


Besides providing followers, the best Instagram growth service also helps to build a meaningful and engaged audience along the way.

A primary goal of Instagram growth service is to increase the numbers of your followers. However, the best doesn’t focus only on increasing it. They offer you quality followers so you feel free to use these tools.

The best Instagram growth service opens your door towards increased sales and retention.


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