Tips for Hiring the Right SEO in Singapore

EO in Singapore

Businesses of all sizes would like to use their business website as a source of orders and leads. Compared to other methods of generating leads and orders online, search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the ranking of the website in search results, is often cost effective since the business does not have to pay for each online visitor. There are a large number of SEO agencies in Singapore, so businesses often find it difficult to select the right SEO agency. Hence some tips in hiring an SEO in Singapore are provided to help businesses to choose the right agency.

Ranking improvement

One of the main criteria for selecting an SEO agency is whether they are guaranteeing any first page ranking in search results for the SEO work which they do. Some of the bigger and more well established SEO agencies have thousands of clients, so they have almost perfected their SEO techniques and can guarantee first page ranking for their clients. In some cases, the business has a limited budget for online marketing or does not have much competition online, so they want only basic SEO work done, for which it is better to get a more affordable SEO package which may not guarantee first page ranking.

Keyword research

Though few businesses will realize it, one of the factors which should be considered is whether the SEO agency will do research on behalf of the client. Some of the low priced SEO agencies expect the client to specify the keywords for which they wish to rank well. These agencies will offer SEO packages based on the number of keywords which have to be optimized. The larger SEO agencies will often do keyword research on behalf of their clients, using the latest SEO tools available, to identify the keywords which will bring the maximum number of visitors to the website. They will then focus on improving ranking for the keywords.

Budget and size

Another consideration while choosing an SEO agency is the budget of the business. Usually the digital marketing budget of a business will vary depending on its size, with well established SEO companies able to afford to pay more. Typically a business should choose a SEO agency which is of the same size, though online only businesses, are usually willing to pay more. In a few cases, the SEO agency is willing to link their compensation with the number of leads or orders obtained, though most offer packages whose rates will vary based on the number of keywords being optimized.


Though the SEO agency will usually promise that the ranking of the business website will improve for the keywords being optimized, the business is mainly interested in increasing the number of leads and orders generated after investing money in SEO. So while return on investment (ROI) is widely considered one of the most important parameters for deciding the effectiveness of online advertising, now increasingly the better SEO agencies are using ROI to determine whether SEO is effective, and are usually able to promise a specified ROI for their client.


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