How to get more followers on Instagram?

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To use Instagram effectively, one must have a solid base of following, and building a solid fan base can be quite tricky for both individuals and brands alike.

If your presence on the platform is not as robust as you’d like, it might be time to step up your game. The larger Instagram following you have, the more opportunities you can have to engage with users and create new experiences with them.

In order to get the most out of the platform for your business, you’ll need to attract more followers that will engage with your content, bring traffic to your website, and help increase your presence on the platform.

This guide can be instrumental in helping you reach your target audience and gain more followers on Instagram.

Define your target audience.

Ask yourself important questions regarding who you are trying to reach out to, questions such as how old are they, what do they do for work, where do they live, what are their pain points and challenges, and when as well as how do they use Instagram.

Answering these simple questions will be useful in producing content that is relevant to your target audience, only through such content you would be able to reach users on Instagram who are most likely to follow you. It will also keep you focused on the requirements of your target audience so you can constantly produce content that makes them want to keep following you on the platform.

Work on a clear strategy

In order to use any social media platform effectively, one requires a clear set plan of actions. Gaining followers on Instagram is a fine goal to begin to begin with. However, aiming for followers alone will not be enough for a successful Instagram account, it needs to be part of a bigger plan that is connected to your social marketing objectives and business strategy.

Ponder on the reasons why you would want more followers on Instagram, what do you really wish to accomplish from having more followers, there can be multiple objectives that you can aim after. Objectives such as increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website and boosting product sales.

Remaining focused on such goals will allow you in keeping your Instagram account consistent. It will also be helpful in telling a gripping brand story that can attract the interest of new users and help in building as well as keeping a loyal following.

Work on a consistent brand story & aesthetic

Maybe you wish to satisfy the curiosity of your customers by showing off how your products are made, or maybe share an employee’s view to make your brand appear more humane. If you wish to position your brand in a more aspiration manner, you can also try to present the achievements and lifestyles of your customers.

Regardless of what your end goal or aim is, it is vital that you maintain a consistent brand look and personality.

buy Instagram followers should be easily able to recognize your post at first glance, imagine your Instagram posts as one cohesive unit. As for content that does not quite fit with the look & feel of your main feed, can always be shared through Instagram stories.

Even if all your products have a unique look to them, you can utilize consistent styling to provide your feed with a consistent feel and look.

Add keywords to appear in search results.

Before other users can follow you on Instagram, they have to find you first. Not a lot of text on the platform is taken into consideration in search results. As a matter of fact, only the name and username contribute to search results.

Your username is the handle others are able to find you with, it is also a great idea to keep it consistent with the handle you use on other social media platforms as it makes it easier for other users to find you.

Use your brand name or a variation of your name that people are familiar with and can use when searching for your brand.

Your name can be anything that you find appropriate and fit, it can be up to 30 characters long. Although keyword stuffing is never a great idea, including relevant keywords in the name field can be useful in improving discoverability based on searches.

Add relevant keywords to reach out to new users.

Other than your name and username handle, hashtags to appear in Instagram search results. This means that using hashtags conscientiously can be a great way to get free followers on Instagram.

Adding relevant hashtags to your post can allow other users to find your posts after a search, or after clicking on a hashtag on someone else’s post. Users on Instagram can follow hashtags, add hashtags so that your content appears in feed of those users who have yet to follow you.

You can add up to 30 hashtags to your post on Instagram, but hashtags are more effective when added with quality in consideration rather than quantity, find out which hashtag works out best for you.

Avoid gimmick hashtags such as #tagsforlikes, #likeforlikes, and such. Using such hashtags may provide you with some temporary followers and Instagram likes, but more often than not, those followers would be bots or users interested only in being followed back, which is not helpful in building a engaging, and meaningful community on the platform.

Craft a great profile and bio.

Two-thirds of visits on your Instagram business profile are from unknown users. These new visitors are your potential new free followers. However, that is only if your profile and bio is convincing enough for them to click the follow button. No user will follow you if your profile is incomplete, unclear or unappealing.

In addition to the username and name field, your profile should include a clickable link to your website, and your bio.

Make the most out of the 150 characters available to convey your brand identity and show new users why they should follow you.


In your quest to growing your followers, taking advantage of these tips and techniques will also be helpful in growing your following and help increase your reach.


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