What To Do When Your RAID Server Crashes

RAID servers

RAID- Redundant array of independent disks refers to an advanced technology used for storing data that are mostly used in businesses. RAID servers are classified into RAID levels based on their redundancy level and performance. This is basically done in order to prevent data loss if a drive failure takes place.

But as they say the future is unpredictable, you may never know when data failure might happen. Especially when it comes to Raid data loss, it particularly occurs due to multiple drive failure, natural disasters and RAM failure. These typically come under the category of data failure due to physical damage, now let’s pay attention to the data failure caused due to human error, accidental data deletion is the most common error followed by incorrect replacement of drives and reformatting of drives and arrays. Beside these there are some other reasons contributing to RAID data loss as well such as corrupt operation system, RAID configuration issue, files damage, etc. Whenever you experience any of the above mentioned situations, it is ideal that you hire RAID recovery services so as to deal with the problem in front the correct manner.

Undoubtedly prevention is better than cure and one must try his level best to avoid the happening of any unlikely situations. In order to avoid these issues associated with the RAID data loss following are some tips:

  • Plan appropriately for your RAID system so as to prevent data failure in the case of natural disasters: In case of floods or fire or any other related natural disaster it is imperative that you plan for protection of your RAID system.
  • Do not overwrite at all: Overwriting will only lead to RAID data loss, preventing it is the only right thing to do.
  • Avoid any interruptions in power supply: Be certain to arrange for power outages and any interruptions in power supply.
  • Handle data cautiously: Mishandling of data can lead to data loss. It is important that all the workers handle data cautiously and carefully.
  • There is no room for inappropriate installations: Inappropriate RAID system installation can also lead to RAID data loss. Appropriate installation is recommended.

No matter how hard you try, a RAID server crash can happen anytime and instead of panicking it is ideal that you call for RAID recovery services. These people are professionals and know how to handle a RAID server crash and recover the lost data.

Below given are some tips on what to do when your RAID server crashes:

Say a big no to disk checking softwares:

  • Scandisk, spinrite, etc are some of the disk checking softwares available. Their work is to verify the integrity of all hard disks present in the RAID array.
  • Such softwares basically points out any faults present in the disk and tries to fix them. But the only concerning thing about that is the presence of bad sectors on the disks and all the bad sectors cannot be fixed by such softwares.
  • Infact when these disk checking softwares come in contact with a non-fixable bad sector, it can further decrease the chances of any data recovery from the disk.

Consult RAID recovery services:

  • The best way to deal with RAID data loss is to consult RAID recovery services. These people are experienced when it comes to data recovery and have been in the market since a long period of time dealing with all kinds of data failure and recovery.
  • Handing RAID server crashes is not easy and cannot be done by anyone. Only a person having adequate knowledge regarding RAID systems and RAID recovery will be able to do the job. Hence, the moment you experience RAID data loss no matter what the reason is, immediately call RAID recovery services for help.


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