How to Change Username on Instagram?

How to Change Username on Instagram?

Many of the social networks, including Instagram, allow changing usernames. Perhaps you are tired of your current username and want to have a more enjoyable fun username? Or your username was a word created with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, and after leaving, you no longer want to use it. He may also think that your account is being used by others, so he may want to change your username. We have prepared an Instagram Username Change Guide for our followers who want to change their username for all these reasons or for different reasons we do not count here. You can easily change your instagram username by following the steps below.

How to Change Username on Instagram?

Even if you are using Android or iPhone, you can change your Instagram username directly from the app. If you don’t want to change it through the app, you can also change it on Instagram’s website. In this article, you can find the answers to the question of how to change the username by multiple methods.

  • How to change username on Instagram (2020)?
  • You can follow the steps below to change your Instagram username through the application;
  • How to change Instagram username on computer (via website)?
  • Instagram username change problem and solution (2020)
  • Is there an obstacle to change Instagram username?
  • Instagram username does not change (error)
  • What usernames cannot be obtained on Instagram?

1.How to change username on Instagram (2020)?

Your Instagram username is the name you enter with your password on the screen that appears when logging in to your account. Your username can be any number, a number, a date, a special sign or an email address. Especially those who opened an Instagram account 3-4 years ago are usually the e-mail addresses. You should never forget the username you created when logging into your account, and remember that you will need it even when you want to change your password.

2.You can follow the steps below to change your Instagram username through the application;

Sign in to the app on your phone.

Enter your profile page

From the settings menu that edit the profile, select edit profile.

Click on the edit profile.

Now click on the username located there. Type the username you want to change, ie the one you want to get new.

Please note that the same username cannot be used by more than one person. Therefore, if the username you have chosen is already used by someone else, the system will not allow you to receive it. You can customize your username by adding letters, numbers or similar icons, and you can get a username close to the username you originally want to get.

After typing in a selectable username, click ok. Thus, your username will have changed.

3.How to change Instagram username on computer (via website)?

You can follow the steps below to change the Instagram username from PC;

Turn on your computer, then you can open any browser screen. You can use all browsers including google, safari, fireworks or internet explorer to change the Instagram username on the web.

After opening your browser, log in to

When this page opens, it will ask you to log in to your account if you have not already logged in. If you have logged into your login account via browser before, the account will be open.

After logging into your account, go to your profile page.

On this page, go to the edit profile section.

Click where your username is written on this page.

Here, type the username you want to delete and replace your username. If the username you want to use is not used by someone else, you can get that username. However, you cannot get a username used by someone else.

After selecting the appropriate username, click the OK or Apply button.

Thus, you change your Instagram username. You can easily change the username on Instagram via the mobile application, that is, on the phone, or on the website via the computer. Also look out: “How to open dark mode on Instagram?”

4.Instagram username change problem and solution (2020)

The change of Instagram username can be easily done as described above in two different ways. However, if you encounter any problems during your username change, you can find the solution in this article. You cannot get the username received by someone else during the username change. Since many users think of this as a problem, they ask us for help. However, it’s not actually a problem, it’s Instagram’s rule. It is not possible to use the same username by more than one person. Because your followers will find you with your username and follow it accordingly. If you want to get a username similar to a username used, you can fix the problem by putting icons, numbers or signs at the beginning or end.

5.Is there an obstacle to change Instagram username?

There are many questions about whether there is a limit to change the username of our followers or if there is a blocking situation after a while. Instagram has put limitations on many operations done through the application in order to separate robot software with real people. If a certain number of actions are performed more than usual times, then there is a blocking situation. Instagram name change barrier is not a very common situation.

6.Instagram username does not change (error)

Instagram username change error is not a common problem. When it does, there are a few possible reasons. In order to change your instagram username first, you must be the administrator of the account, if you are not the main administrator, you cannot change the username. At the same time, some unusual movements have been seen in your account and your actions may be blocked by Instagram.

If your Instagram application is not up to date, there is no space in your phone memory, it may be a problem if the application is not working properly or if there are problems in the application due to some technical problems. However, the change of instagram username is not a common error.

7.What usernames cannot be obtained on Instagram?

There are banned tags on Instagram, as well as banned usernames. As we mentioned above, you cannot get the username used by someone else. Other than that, you cannot take words that make fun of any religion, support racist, sexist, pornographic, pedophilia and similar subjects or express them as usernames. You can get all the words as usernames except the words on the topics we have mentioned above. In addition, you can purchase many social media services from Social captain. Check out our services here to strengthen your Instagram profile. You must take advantage of likes and followers package of our site. You can buy Instagram followers at affordable prices. Buying followers will grow your profile and more people can visit your profile.


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