6 Reasons to Fix the Weak Mobile Network

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There are several times when people are not able to send or receive messages or attend calls. The irony of the situation is somewhat pathetic and sad. In this time of Coronavirus, staying in touch with friends and family is of utmost importance. Call drops during this time would break the hearts of many. If this happens consistently then it would be a great idea to figure out the reasons for bad cell reception. Mostly, it is because there is something wrong between the cell phone and the cell tower. What other reasons could it be?


Who doesn’t love mountain trips, connecting with nature that is soothing and healing at the same time? Sounds interesting and fun but there are two sides to the coin and the other is bad cell reception. Mother nature has its fair share in blocking the signals from receiving the cell phones. Those beautiful views and lush greens feel like heaven. If the phone loses the signal, then it would be a problem. The reason could be the nearest cell tower is far away or on the other side of the peak. Those eye-catching green forests that are a feast for sore eyes are known to block the signals.

That’s why in the movies the actors try to catch the signal by holding the phone looking upwards.

Building Material

Happen to like those huge buildings or skyscrapers? These are made of bricks, concrete, and steel that block the signals from reaching its destination. Metals are known to completely block the signals. When in the house try, when faced with the signal issue. It’s best to try closer to the window or take a walk outside. On the other hand, if all the people residing in the building have this issue they must have a mobile signal booster for home. It is the best solution to end the problem for once and for all. It’s a permanent solution that has been gaining attention for the past few years. Many people are satisfied with the results and are enjoying uninterrupted service. After all, it is a one-stop solution to all the signal problems. It is compatible with all the networks. Whether it’s 4G or 4G LTE, there is no bias.

Bad Weather Conditions

While a majority of people love rain, that earthy smell that changes bad mood to a good mood. Even people love playing with snowballs, this is how it has been shown in the movies. Well, the picture can turn quite ugly with heavy rain and snow. It not only blocks roads but mobile signals as well. With rain comes thunder, it’s like a cherry on top. All these natural phenomena can lead to signal problems.]


The distance between the cell tower and cell phone is also responsible for the signal issues. If stuck in a dead zone, as much as horrifying it sounds, the issues can be again resolved with cell phone signal booster. It amplifies the weak signal. So the problem of distance is solved or move out of the dead zones.

Heavy Traffic

Not talking about road traffic but cell towers are capable of handling heavy traffic yet there is so much that they can do. In a densely populated area, it gets overloaded. This is another reason for weak signals. Either move out of the area or install a mobile signal booster to end the problem.

Low Battery

When most of the weak signal culprits are not in control, this one is under control. If the battery of the phone is low, the signal is weak and it will further drain the battery. It’s best to keep the phone charged. It will not worsen the situation any further.

What to do?

There are several limited solutions that one can try at home which may work or may not such as switching to airplane mode on or off or changing the service provider but there is so much that one can do. If the issue persists, it’s better to buy a signal booster that will help not only you but all the family members. These are designed to amplify signals more than 30 times and broadcast it where it’s needed. There are various brands in the market and yet a few stand out more than the rest. One such brand is Seguro.

Having a wide portfolio, this brand offers the best and reliable signal boosters that are sleek and very easy to install. Moreover, the company’s service is believed to be superb. Even in this pandemic, they are taking complete precautions. From checking the temperature, providing the protective gear to sanitization. They have got it covered. It’s time to say goodbye to bad cell reception!


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