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If you are looking for the best applications that can help you in making thumbnails for your YouTube videos, channels and even playlists, then you have landed in the right spot. Today we are going to tell you all about the best YouTube Thumbnail maker applications that you can easily download on your computer systems as well as your smartphones.

You must know that with an eye-catching thumbnail you can easily get a 100% increase in the traffic on your videos which is a big plus. Today getting services from a professional designer can cost you thousands of dollars which is not an affordable price. 

Suppose you don’t have the designing skills or knowledge/ experience and the budget to get third-party services. In that case, you need to get the best thumbnail maker applications!

Important aspects of a video thumbnail

Before we tell you about the best thumbnail maker apps, we would like you to know about the different aspects that you have to take care of while designing a thumbnail. 

  • The first most important thing is to keep the thumbnail simple. If the thumbnail is simple, then you would at least get a 70% increase in your regular traffic as all kinds of people would be able to access it and understand it.
  • The thumbnail you are making for your videos or channels should be very relevant to the niche you are working on or following. You must understand that if you don’t add relevant thumbnails on your videos, then you would lose traffic instead of gaining.
  • The thumbnail should be high in contrast. People are not interested in dull thumbnail designs, so you have to make your thumbnail very much catchy.
  • If you are running a formal YouTube channel, then you must make sure that your thumbnail is branded. You must add the logo of your business or brand on the thumbnail as it created more brand awareness and acceptance. 

Now that you know about the most common aspects that you have to take care of in thumbnail designing, we would like you to read about the best thumbnail maker applications!

Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners & Channel Art

This is a designated android application which only serves the purpose of thumbnail designing. This thumbnail maker app belongs to CA apps that it is free for all devices and users. You can easily get this thumbnail maker app from the google play store and use it to make the most intriguing thumbnails. If you have never made a thumbnail in your life, then this is the right thumbnail creator for you as it can easily help you in learning how to design a thumbnail. The working process of this youtube thumbnail creator is quite easy, and even a layperson can use it like a pro. 

When you open this thumbnail maker App, you would see more than twenty categories. You have to select the category that suits your channel the most. When you select the category, you will be given dozens of design templates using which you can edit and create your personalized thumbnail. This online application can be used to make covers for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can create the most simple and attractive banners and thumbnails with this app!


Canva is a very decent designer application that you can find on not only android but also on the Apple store. Canva can create logos, images, cards of all sorts and even thumbnails. This online service is known to be the best for creating professional-level thumbnails for YouTube channels. It doesn’t matter if you are not experienced or skilled at designing as this online tool would teach you what to do. This online service comes with more than millions of different design elements that you can put together to create the best thumbnail. The thumbnail maker app allows you to play with the predesigned templates. You can add your personalized font styles, images and even logos in the thumbnail with this app!

Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is another online thumbnail maker app that can help you create the best designs. One must know that adobe spark is a free and friendly tool, so even if you have no experience in designing, you can still manage to create the best designs for free. The adobe spark tool is known to be perfect for beginners as it has great expertise in creating basic designs. With Adobe, you can easily help you in adding custom elements, backgrounds, colors and even text on your thumbnail. If you want powerful premium features, then you can also hook with a paid package of the tool!

All of the above-listed thumbnail maker apps are easy to use. They can help you get rid of all the costs and efforts wasted in a conventional design. If you want to design stunning thumbnails, then these thumbnail maker apps are your best partners!


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