SnapSave.App Facebook Video Downloader Ultimate Guide 2021



SnapSave.App is the most useful app in the Facebook downloader.  Download all Facebook videos to all devices (PC/ Mac/ iPhone/ Android) with the highest quality possible.

Step 1: Copy Video’s Link 

Click the “Share” button then choose “🔗Copy Link” at the Facebook video

Step 2: Paste the video’s link into: SnapSave.App

  • Go to: in a new tab browser,
  • Paste the Facebook video’s link into the field bar.

Step 3: Download Video Facebook

  • Select the quality you want to download (from 144p to HD 720p, or full HD 1080p, 2K, 4K) 
  • Click “Download” (or “Render” => “Download Video”)
  • Download Facebook Private Video                          (Apply to PC/Mac)

Step 1: Get the page source:

  • On PC/Mac:

  • Access Facebook by Computer. Find the Fb video to download, click on the time of posting
  • Press Ctrl+U (Windows) or OptionU (Mac) to view the page source

OR there do right click on any section of the page, then click on the option “View page source”

  • Choose all text by pressing Ctrl + A (Windows) or ⌘ + A (Mac), then right-click and choose Copy
  • On Android: 

At the 1st Field bar, paste the video’s link

Then Choose Copy at the 2nd Field bar:

(If the copy is successful, the word “Copy” will change to “Copied”)

Open the new browser tab, paste the link copied, you will see the page source

Hold the hand to appear “Select All” then choose “Copy All” 

Step 2: Paste the page source 

    • Access to:
  • Paste it (Press Ctrl + V) on the 3rd Field Bar then click Download

Step 3: Download the Facebook private video

Select the quality you want to download and choose “Download” (or “Render” => “Download Video”)

  • Download Facebook Story Video                                              (Apply to PC/Mac/Android)

Step 1: Copy the video story’s link:

  •  On PC/Mac:

  • Go to the owner’s Facebook profile page by left-clicking on the person’s name on the video story
  • Click to the Avatar, then Choose “View Story”
  • Copy the link in the new page that appears 

This is the video story’s link 

  • On Android Phone:

  • Go to the Video Story Facebook you want to download on Fb
  • Tab then choose “🔗Copy link”

Step 2: Get the page source 

Do the same thing as Step 1 of 2. Download Facebook Private Video and the rest to download Facebook Story Video. 

Note: You can only see and download a Fb story video of your Facebook friend


Above are the entire instructions to be able to Download All the Facebook Videos with SnapSave.App. SnapSave allows to download all the Facebook Videos above with the highest quality possible (up to 4K) and it’s the ONLY ONE that could do that. 

We will find a method to download the 2 types of videos (Fb Private Video & Fb Story Video) on iPhone as soon as possible and introduce them to you later.



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