How Zaki Ameer Became an Entrepreneur? [A Review]

Zaki Ameer Became an Entrepreneur

Zaki Ameer is an entrepreneur, business executive and author. He is the founder and CEO of the DDP Property Company, Premonition, which he started in 2011. DDP Property has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies. Magazine and Deloitte. Zaki has also been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News and other leading publications.

You are a young entrepreneur and want to know how to start your own business. You’re not sure what you need to do to start your own company, and you’re afraid of making the wrong decision. Read Zaki Ameer’s story about how he became an entrepreneur. I will explain all the steps Zaki took including mistakes made so that you can learn from his experience!

Who is Zaki Ameer?

Zaki Ameer is a successful entrepreneur who has founded and operated several businesses. He is the co-founder of an online marketing company, a real estate company, and a venture capital firm. Ameer’s businesses are all headquartered in Sydney. How did this young entrepreneur become so successful? This article will review his life and business experiences.

How did Zaki Ameer become a successful entrepreneur?

Zaki Ameer is a successful entrepreneur who has started and sold several businesses. He has a unique story that is not often found in the business world. Ameer did not have a privileged upbringing, and he did not attend an Ivy League school. In fact, he was born in a low-income family and had to work his way through college. Ameer’s success can be attributed to his hard work, determination, and willingness to take risks. Zaki Ameer is now a successful entrepreneur who has started and owned many businesses.

What motivated Zaki Ameer to become an entrepreneur?

Zaki Ameer, the founder of Zaki Ameer’s DDP Property a perfect example of how to become an entrepreneur. Zaki Ameer learned the value of hard work and determination at a very young age. At the age of 15, he was started his first business. This experience taught him important skills such as customer service, time management and marketing. Zaki Ameer is a very successful entrepreneur who has made a name for himself around the world. Ameer started his first business at the age of 15.

How did he develop the skills he needed to be successful?

Zaki Ameer is the founder of DP Property, a social enterprise that consults other businesses on how to make a social impact. Ameer started his career as an entrepreneur when he was only eighteen years old.

What challenges or setbacks did Zaki Ameer face along the way?

Zaki Ameer is an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 15. He faced different challenges and setbacks that he faced along the way. He wants to continue making a difference in people’s lives and eventually have a positive impact on the world.


The CEO of DDP Property Company, Zaki Ameer is a successful entrepreneur of 2022 who has a lot of knowledge to share. What is the key to his success? Ameer attributes his success to three things: hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. He has worked extremely hard to get where he is today, and he has been very dedicated to his business ventures. In order to achieve his goals, he has also made a lot of sacrifices.


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