Discourse: A Key to Exchange Cultures and Experiences


When man was found on earth, he began to search for ways to communicate with others in order to fulfill his desires and to interact well with his surroundings. A human being is a creature that must communicate continuously in all the different periods of life. That is why dialogue is the best way to achieve those desires. Humans communicate with each other either face-to-face through small groups or interact more extensively across larger ones. Among the means of communication available, today are social media and blogs that allow people to express their opinion. The Doe is a good example of these sites.

One of the most important features that distinguish a person from other creatures is the ability to speak. This brings people closer, enhances love among them, and develops societies. 

Discourse gives people space to express their opinions and feelings safely. During the dialogue, people exchange ideas, information, define their position, and reformulate them. This has a positive impact on the ground.

Discourse helps to exchange cultures and experiences between people.

It also helps to achieve justice among the people involved in a particular issue that they care for. The absence of dialogue does not reveal the whole truth.

Dialogue speeds up the process of finding the truth. There are multiple ways in which we can find the truth.

If people stick to their ideas only, they will not be able to see the other paths that others have. Because when a person talks to others, he/she shares knowledge with them. Thus, when we have a dialogue, the gap between us decreases, and ideas develop. Opposing ideas emerge and generate a wonderful dynamism in society. Thus, the ideas and perceptions of individuals crystallize. For this to happen, we must not only be satisfied with relying on the prevailing and existing ideas, but also we must open the door to a real dialogue.

The collapse of the social fabric is defined as what happens to the social system from the decline in the performance of its functions, which is to provide stability and achieve continuity.

One of the reasons for this collapse is the lack of openness among people. When a person clings to his/ her ideas exaggeratedly, leading to the division of the society into two parts, as a result of people mocking each other’s ideas. This will affect society negatively. On the other hand, a group of people might encourage those ideas and benefit from them. 

The loss of social justice results in the marginalization of some social groups, and this threatens the stability of society. The inequitable distribution of wealth creates major problems that threaten society seriously. Also, building an electoral project on an ideological basis and not on a basis that unite the members of society will threaten the unity of a society.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, especially during 2020, social dialogue has played a key role in organizing a national response during the pandemic worldwide. This is strong evidence of the importance of dialogue in our world.


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