6 Things That Make Power BI A Great Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence is a crucial business component nowadays. Whether it is a dashboard that combines key metrics or reports to gather datasets, Power BI is a tool to pull data from a range of different sources and helps make critical business decisions. A business’s success relies on these data-driven decisions derived from business intelligence. This is the reason why organizations are embracing Power BI as an efficient business tool. Here, we’ll discuss six things that make Power BI a great business intelligence solution for harnessing data. Let’s get started!

Power BI Is A Powerful Business Tool 

Power BI data modeling engine is a powerful columnar database that uses modern tabular database technologies to compress databases. Power BI Workbook is significantly smaller than the original datasets. When it comes to dealing with large models, Excel starts to slow down. However, Power BI can deal with millions of tables without any hassles.

Also, Power BI comes with automated refreshes that streamline the visual reporting process for users. It can efficiently load a lot of memory and enable data analysis at a much quicker pace.

Advanced Power BI Experts Can Take Advantage Of Native R Integration

Power BI caters to the needs of advanced Power BI consultants or experts. It supports R, which is a programming language that contains more than 7,000 packages and is primarily used by data statisticians. R scripts use detailed data visualizations, including statistical modeling, machine learning, and more!

Power BI allows experts to integrate R visualizations into a dashboard. Though the Power BI tool is efficient on its own in drilling down the data to represent key metrics, users can present advanced business analytics with native R script support.

Power BI Has Similar Excel Features

Power BI comes with a simple interface; you don’t need to be a programming expert in order to use Power BI. With its inbuilt intelligence, the tool helps users to select the right attributes for their reports. Among other significant features, QA is quite a useful feature. Here, you can write a question, and the tool will provide you with the result in the form of a value or graph based on the question you have asked.

Furthermore, Power BI is developed based on Excel and follows a similar approach to creating a report. Since Microsoft Excel is a widely used software and is accepted globally, Power BI is quite easy to learn. Moreover, data modeling is based on the fundamentals of the Microsoft Access database, SQL Server. Thus, any programmer can easily adopt the Power BI tool.

Integrates Large Data Into One Dashboard

Power BI makes it easy to track detailed visualizations. However, employees with different business intelligence aptitudes might require a consolidated view of the data. Luckily, Power BI helps you simplify visualizations of the business-critical data that anyone can read. The tool also offers customizable graphics that can be used to represent data.

Features Open-Source Visuals

Power BI has an array of standard data visuals; users can take advantage of these visuals to create interactive reports, like pie charts, scatter plots, waterfall, tables, and more! The custom visual files from Microsoft also have an impressive range of rich/complex visuals you can leverage, for example, heatmaps, bullet graphs, sparklines, etc. Thus, if you want to present your data in a specific way, Power BI makes it possible. With this tool, you can create visuals the way you want. You can advance your design techniques by looking at what the Power BI community is using.

Connects Your Data Easily

Power BI makes it easy to bring your data together in one place, helping you keep everything organized. This lets businesses load a lot of data from a range of cloud-based sources, like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Azure, etc. With this, users can load pre-built Power BI dashboards within seconds and conduct data analysis better. The best thing is, you can customize elements or have data experts start from scratch by sharing dashboards or reports.


Power BI empowers you to analyze data, keep your team efficient, and provide you with essential tools for better strategic analysis. With Power BI tools, you can prepare for Power BI adoption and improve data insights across the organization.


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