HD Video Converter 2021: Aicoosoft Video Converter Ultimate Review

Aicoosoft Video Converter

In recent years, the advancement of cameras and digital media devices has played a very important role in our life’s, but it has created some problems as well on the other hand. A single video device can’t support all the formats out there in the market. This is where video converters enter in game. While working as a video editor and digital media consultant for years, and during this tenure, I have used many video converter software.

Aicoosoft HD Video Converter Ultimate is one of the tools that I have found very helpful for video editors. It offers very premium and unique features compared to other tools in the same budget and category. I will demonstrate why Aicoosoft is an amazing and professional video converter in the coming paragraphs.

Part 2. Why is Aicoosoft Video Converter a great HD Video Converter?

Besides offering user-friendly UI and professional look, it has more than one features that make Aicoosoft video converter a great HD video converter tool. Aicoosoft video converter supports latest and high-quality video formats such as HD & 4K videos like H265(HEVC) and H264(AVC). It doesn’t let video quality lose while converting a video format to another due to the embedded AI technology used in Aicoosoft. If you are a camera lover and record video frequently on your GoPro, HD camera, Camcorder, iPhone or Drone there’s nothing to worry about; now you can easily convert these HD videos into any format using Aicoosoft.

Sometimes the size HD videos get larger that they become a burden on memory storage. If you face a similar problem, Aicoosoft can help you compress your HD video with the same result and without losing any quality.

Part 3: How powerful are the other functions of Aicoosoft Video Converter

Video Conversion:

The main function of Aicoosoft video converter is converting video from one format to another video format. We tested this video conversion feature by converting different video formats to other formats. The conversion was very fast, and it saved the parameters of video files as well during conversion. We tried the following conversions:

  • MP4 to MP3
  • MP4 to AVI
  • MP4 to FLV
  • MP4 to XVID

All these conversions were successful and super-fast. During conversions process, we learn some of the feature offered by video converter.

  • Convert high-quality videos such as 4K& HD video formats without losing quality.
  • Aicoosoft enables users to convert DVDs to the latest digital video formats.
  • Easily converter videos into 1000+ audio/video formats within minutes.
  • When it comes to video conversion, the speed of conversion matters a lot. Aicoosoft video converter offers multi-core utilization and provides 30x faster conversion speed with GPU utilization.

Video Downloading:

We tested the downloading ability of Aicoosoft built-in video downloader by downloading videos from different video streaming websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion etc. We found it very responsive and reliable for downloading videos. After the downloading test, we compiled a list of built-in downloading features that Aicoosoft offers.

  • Aicoosoft video converter supports up to 1000+ online video streaming websites, and you can download any video with one click only from those streaming websites.
  • Easily download the video into an MP3 audio format directly.
  • Download a complete playlist of videos using Aicoosoft video converter.
  • Quickly download videos from multiple URLs with just one click.
  • It offers first download and the direct convert mode as well.

Video Editing:

The built-in video editor offers basic video editing features that every video editor requires. We tested it by editing a video and added text, images, video clips, audio clips and applied filters to our test video. The results were good as compared to price. It’s good for simple and basic video editing tasks. We got to know some of the video editing features mentioned below.

  • Easily trim videos after importing into Aicoosoft, and you can easily merge different video clips as well.
  • One can easily add watermarks, text and images into any of their favourite videos.
  • Apply filters and basic video editing filters efficiently.
  • You can perform audio editing actions, such as reducing background noise, adjusting the audio level and other basic audio settings.
  • Easily adjust the brightness of video, contrast and saturation etc.
  • It supports 12 major Audio formats such as MP3, WAV, M4A, WMA and many other audio formats
  • It offers all basic tools required to edit a video.

Video Compression:

The other features that come along with Aicoosoft video converter ultimate are compressing the size of the video. We tried this feature to test the compression size and quality. We tried different files with maximal and minimal compression, and the compression results were great.

We tested it by compressing a file from MP4 to MP4 using both maximal and minimal compression method, and in minimal it reduced the size to 103 MB from 317MB. The size was compressed in Maximal compression from 317 to 44 MB. The quality of the video wasn’t affected at all. These are the features that we figured out in testing its compression ability.

  • Easily and efficiently compress videos with a single click.
  • You can easily compress videos recorded with Drones, GoPro, Digital cameras, iPhone and other recording devices easily.
  • Easily compress custom videos with faster compression speed and without losing quality.
  • Best video compressor to convert 1000+ video formats.
  • You can adjust the video format, resolution and bitrate for compression purposes.

Video Recording:

The video recording features are also very important in a video converter tool. Our test found it very good while recording desktop screen, videos from video streaming websites, and recording a custom area of the screen. The microphone and webcam test were good, but the webcam’s quality depends on its video output.

Here is a list of unique features that we found while testing the video recorder:

  • Easily record system audio or audio from an external microphone.
  • You can record the complete desktop or a custom selected area as well.
  • Adjust the FPS rate according to your requirements from 15 fps to 30 fps.
  • With the help of time, you can easily record live streaming videos from different video streaming websites.
  • Aicoosoft is compatible with webcam, and you can record your webcam sessions.
  • Easily record any video or audio show or serial that you like on the internet with Aicoosoft video recorder.

Part 4. Is it worth buying?

When you compare all the features and price that Aicoosoft is offering and charging, it’s worth buying. It only charges $29.99 compared to its two competitors offering less or similar features but charging higher rates. The user-interface and process login of Uniconverter and VideoProc isn’t simple, whereas it’s very easy to use and anyone can use it without having any technical background. Aicoosoft offers 11 extra features than VideoProc at a lesser price whereas VideoProc is charring $59.95 compared to $29.99.If you compare the features offered by Aicoosoft with other tools, you will know that Aicoosoft is offering more features at less price. So, I would say that Aicoosoft is worth the price.


If you are looking for the best video editor software with all video editing features, I would recommend buying Aicoosoft video editor. It’s a complete package to all video-related issues whether they are downloading videos, recording videos and compressing videos.


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