Hani Zeini Illustrates the Interplay of Cyber security and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

With the development of a robust and modern security approach, there is a profound evolution of cyber threats with every passing day. The primary reason behind this is the inability of traditional methods in their detection of malware. It has prepared cybercriminals to evolve more intelligent ways of bypassing security programs therefore leading to the infection of the networks that protect against malware.

It has necessitated antivirus or anti-malware programs to amalgamate with detection methods for catching these threats. However, the programs are ineffective. This is where artificial intelligence emerges as a game-changer. The security and research programs are trying their best to use artificial intelligence to develop solutions to detect and fix sophisticated cyber threats and therefore control data breaches. In this article, Hani Zeini draws readers’ attention to the emergence of artificial intelligence in cyber security and its profound impact on cyber security in many ways.

Exciting ways of using artificial intelligence for making your firm more secure.

  • Management of vulnerability:Security solutions look for vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures. After security finds the breach they take action depending on the nature of the issue. The approach is different in the case of ML and AI-enabled tools. Artificial intelligence-based systems play a proactive role in detecting vulnerabilities. They help in analyzing the pattern and discovering the loopholes which need proper attention. Recognition of the patterns of attackers and infiltration methods predicts the distinguishing features in how vulnerability finds its way through the networking system.
  • Authentication: Most entrepreneurs and their owners still use the traditional password and login ID for the authentication process. It comes without saying that most of them do not care about creating a unique and out of the box password. In addition to this, using the same passwords for almost all their accounts increases the chance of cyber threat attacks. According to Hani Zeini, the modern biometric authentication technique like iris recognition and face recognition has proved its effectiveness compared to the login ID and password method. They provide comfort and high security and ensure that cybercriminals cannot hack the system.
  • Analysis of behavior: The ability for AI to analyze behavior is another benefit associated with the network. Artificial Intelligence helps in recognizing patterns by utilizing the user’s working mechanisms. Hani Zeinistates, in the case of any malware in the system, there will be a change in the working method, and it is here that AI would help detect abnormalities and report the same to higher authorities. The abnormalities encompass change in typing speed, unusual utilization of the Internet, and increased background activities. One very widespread cyber-attack is phishing, which is used by hackers for capturing login credentials and introducing malware.

The use of AI may be beneficial for detection as well as the prevention of cyber and even physical attacks. AI security programs rely upon signature indicators for detecting threats. It is useful only when the assault gets encountered after reporting the danger that is yet to appear.


Cyber threats these days are intimidating in both complexity and numbers. The need of the hour is to use AI to ensure the enterprise’s security and in that, creating a positive and safe work environment.


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