How Sales Teams Are Winning with AI-Powered Life Sciences Analytics

Life Sciences Analytics

Insights from a life science analytics platform are crucial to life science sales teams’ success. However, life science sales reps typically don’t have the data science expertise necessary to access insights from BI dashboard solutions. As a result, they rely heavily on the data or IT team to provide the insights they need – or make the mistake of moving forward without consulting data.

Why Data Matters to Life Science Sales Teams  

Several factors are at play that makes data-driven decision-making essential to life science sales. First, they have limited customers and prospects. The number of hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmacies, and providers is stable in some regions and declining in others due to consolidations and a worsening physician shortage. Sales reps need to pinpoint top opportunities within their markets to build revenues.

Additionally, sales reps work against the clock to maximize revenues while their companies hold patents. When they expire, consumers can choose generics instead of their brands. Sales teams need to find new ways to make up the difference and maintain their company’s position in the market.

In addition to the gravity of the sales teams’ decisions, sales reps must also deal with a deluge of data in a highly dynamic space. Because they lack autonomy, however, it takes time for their data or IT teams to build dashboards, run analyses, and provide them with reports. Unfortunately, the time it takes can result in lost opportunities.

How to Make Life Science Analytics User-Friendly for Sales Teams 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can enable easily accessible insights for the augmented life sciences consumer. With the right AI platform, life science teams can analyze unlimited data sources and volumes. In addition to scalability, AI is also fast. For example, WhizAI’s life science analytics platform can analyze billions of data points in less than a second.

AI is also the key to making a life science analytics platform user-friendly. Keep in mind, however, that the type of AI matters. Natural language query (NLQ) and natural language generation (NLG) support the best user experiences. They allow users to ask a question conversationally rather than requiring that they learn keywords or phrases. Additionally, when the platform is pre-trained for life sciences, it provides relevant insights right out of the box.

From a sales rep’s perspective, it replaces dashboards as the analytics unit of work with asking a question. It also moves technology to the background of their workflows, creating an easy way to incorporate data-based decisions into everyday processes. Unlike legacy analytics solutions with 30% adoption or less, easy-to-use life science analytics platforms designed for the augmented consumer can see 100% adoption.

The platform finally provides a path to data ROI from the life science leadership perspective. It decreases the time from data acquisition to insights. It frees data analysts from devoting their time to helping the sales team and users in other lines of business to focus on higher-value tasks.

What Sales Teams Can Do with Accessible Insights

When life science sales reps can ask questions conversationally and get accurate answers on demand, they have greater visibility into their markets. The platform can support lead scoring and sales forecasting. It can also help sales managers monitor reps’ performance.

The answers that a life science analytics and insights platform provides a sales team can also provide information that helps them personalize interactions with clients, sell deeper, and identify at-risk customers to intervene and improve retention.

When a sales rep can instantly access insights about a brand’s performance, prescribing trends, and competitor activity and drill down to ZIP code or physician-level data, they gain more agility and a more robust capability to compete.

Making life science analytics insights easily and quickly accessible to sales teams can have far-reaching effects throughout an organization and beyond to improve patient outcomes.  Whiz.AI’s life science analytics give sales teams the ability to identify top leads, sell deeper, and identify at-risk accounts so they can intervene and save the customer relationship. Life science companies will benefit by providing their teams with a platform that gives sales reps autonomy and an easy path to the answers they need.


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