Top 10 Beauty Business Management Apps


Nowadays, beauty management apps have completely changed the operational efficiency in salons. Salon management apps have simplified all the processes in beauty salons. With the help of these smart innovations now salon staff can easily focus on their primary tasks like offering quality service.

Earlier, the burden of other miscellaneous tasks somewhere bars staff to work qualitatively. But with the comfort of salon tools, things have changed. Salon apps have majorly played a role in declining the stress level of salon owners.

Salon management systems help you run your business in an organized manner. They help you in serving your customers better and keep them coming back.

That’s why these days, more and more salon owners are installing smart salon apps to their salons to take their salon level up.

Well, there are various beauty management apps out there. We have listed down the top ten salon management apps. Let’s have a look at it.

Best Management Apps for Beauty Industry


Salonist is one of the leading beauty management apps that looks after the needs of salon owners. This app aims to help out salon teams by simplifying their salon workflow. Thereby, reduces their stress by promising them an organized and chaos-free atmosphere.

The app comes with amazing features which include a convenient  24*7 appointment process, smart inventory management, quick transactions, etc.

Salonist keep the salon staff energetic, boastful by reducing their workload. With the automation set up, staff are only supposed to look after customers and make healthy engagements with them.

Salonist app allows thousands of beauty businesses to grow their business, save time and reach millions of customers.


Vagaro is a cloud-based salon, spa, and fitness beauty management system. It offers the privilege to beauty and fitness professionals to seamlessly book appointments and manage various salon operations.

The Vagaro management app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

The application features scheduling appointments, payment processing, inventory management, marketing, etc. All these tasks are easy to carry out with this app.


Mindbody, a powerful salon app skillfully manages and grows your beauty brand with the inbuilt automation process. So you can devote your time providing amazing unforgettable experiences to clients that they fantasize about.

The application allows you to run your beauty salon, spa, etc from anywhere. By taking charge of all your administrative tasks it frees you and makes you more dedicated towards your prime objectives.

Mindbody features flexible appointments, Point of Sales integration, employee management,  inventory management, and much more.


Managing a salon is easy, quick, pleasant, and stress-free with the Versum management app. It keeps a watchful eye on the whole workflow of your salon like accounts, products, customers, staff, and equipment.

Tedious time-consuming tasks are now a thing of the past with Versum. So, say goodbye to the race against time.

Versum offers numerous privileges to owners which includes appointment scheduling, quick and safer transactions, automated inventory management and marketing tools.


Belliata is also one of the most reliable salon management systems. It provides you with the most up to date, fast and customer-friendly salon booking application.

Using this salon management system enables you to manage your appointment booking, staff and customer management, salon POS, etc at the touch of a button.

With just a few clicks you can fly off all your salon stress levels and create a chaos free atmosphere for your clients.


Booksy is a salon app that works hard to enhance your customers’ experience. It plays a key role in delivering top quality services to customers.

It is a cloud-based salon and spa management solution for businesses of all sizes. The automation tool aids with handling regular salon operations such as appointment scheduling, stock management, marketing tools, feedback collection, and more.

The platform enables users to book their appointments online as per the availability of seats. Thus, it offers a convenient appointment process without any hassle.

Booksy can be considered as an app-as-a-Service for appointment-based businesses. Because it enables them to handle their customer-facing schedules, including being capable to take and accept bookings via the Booksy mobile app.


StyleSeat’s prime mission is to help all hair stylists and salons to get more customers. The platform is focused towards helping beauty salons to manage their business in a highly organised way.

With an affordable plan, Styleseat helps you to connect with prospective clients as it is a search-and-locate platform for customers looking to find stylists around.

Salon Iris

Salon Iris has been helping salon professionals for 2 decades. It has helped nail salons, barber shops, tanning salons, beauty parlors, & lash and blow-out bars run seamlessly.

The beauty industry has gained greater profit by using the powerful salon Iris application.

Every feature is created to solve challenges and to make salon owners’ lives easier.

The app features convenient online bookings, text confirmation reminders, automated marketing, salon reporting and credit card processing etc.


Square is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system for beauty salons. It gets integrated with the full suite of local business solutions which makes it one of the most complete salon solutions.

It is beautifully designed and easy to use. On top of that, Square is very particular about business fundamentals like inventory management, payrolls, online bookings, client data management and whatnot. All the tedious and time consuming tasks are easily looked after by this salon system.


Acuity is a convenient 24/7 online appointment scheduling system that allows clients to self-schedule appointments.

The web-based salon tool can be easily found in both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The best part is it comes in both the free and paid version. You can use the free version of Acuity and if you want more additional services you can opt for the paid version.


Well, there are several salon management apps out there in the market but what fits your salon type is a matter of concern.

Make a wise choice while purchasing a management application for your salon. Above we have mentioned the top 10 apps, have a look at them.

Lastly, do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments.

Thank you for sharing your precious time!

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