3 Tools You Can Use To Add Page Numbers To Your PDF Files

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Page numbers are used to make specific topics and pages easier to locate. Professionals and businesses also use it to make their files look more organized and highlight important parts of their files. Given that it is a vital part of a document, sometimes, we tend to forget to put them. Worse, some of those files are already in PDF format. This makes it even more challenging to edit. But no need to look for the editable version of the PDF. Instead, you can make use of online editing tools, such as the ones below, for free!

PDFBear is one of the best web-based tools when it comes to anything related to PDF files. Converting PDFs into another file format, optimizing, securing, and editing, are some of the crowd-favorite tools. Professionals and businesses can take advantage of all of its features and services for free! So, if you are wondering how to add page numbers in PDF, PDFBear has simplified the methods for you. Even if you are only using your phone, you should be able to add page numbers without any problems. Follow these steps to start using the tool.

Step 1

Go to www.PDFBear.com and look for the Add Page Number To PDF. Wait for the page to load.

Step 2

Choose the file that you want to edit. The website is SSL-encrypted to protect the security of all the files that users upload. The website is compatible with all platforms, like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Step 3

Once the file is on the server, select the position where you want to put the page numbers. You can place the page numbers at the bottom part or the top part of your files. PDFBear’s PDF Editor lets you customize the typography and fonts, as well. Click Number Pages so PDFBear can process the request. 

Step 4

After a few minutes, depending on the number of pages in your file, your new PDF should be ready for download. You can also share the file with your colleagues directly or even edit the file further by compressing the PDF.

  • Gogopdf

In three simple steps, you will be able to number your PDF files in seconds. Gogopdf is another web-based tool that you can use without paying any subscription fee. This means that all processes will take place on the Cloud, and Gogopdf will not use any capacity of your CPU. Like PDFBear, Gogopdf respects the privacy of your files and personal information. To comply with their privacy policy, the server will automatically delete all the files that were uploaded and processed after one hour. Your confidential files and contracts are safe with Gogopdf. Follow these three steps to start editing.

Step 1

Go to Gogopdf’s Number Pages Tool. Drag and drop your file into dropbox.

Step 2

Choose which part of the document you want the numbers to reflect. Save all the changes you have made after editing.

Step 3

Download the file on your device, or you can also share it on all your social media accounts. You can either email the PDF files or copy the link that Gogopdf will generate for you.

  • Smallpdf

SmallPDF’s tagline is “We make PDF easy.” True enough, this website upholds its mission of providing easy to navigate tools. This online tool, like the ones mentioned above, lets you number your pages with ease. With only a few clicks, you can freely number the pages of your files in the header or footer of each page of the file. The platform is also SSL-encrypted for maximum protection of your files. Here is all you have to do to edit those files.

Step 1

Once you are in the Number Pages tool, upload the file that you need to edit. You can choose files from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox, or your SmallPDF Pro account.

Step 2

Select the position where you want the page numbers to appear.

Step 3

After processing, you will be able to download the new PDF file to your device. That is how easy and efficient this tool is!

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Adding page numbers should not be complicated!

Anything related to editing PDF files is not as hard as before. With the use of web-based tools, such as the ones mentioned above, you will be a PDF wiz in no time! Check out the tools above and bookmark your favorites!


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