Top 3 WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android Devices in 2021

WhatsApp Spy Apps

WhatsApp is widely used by millions of users each day. Because of its global and extensive usage, hackers find victims easily. In addition, it is no longer secure. The most problematic aspect of WhatsApp is that many people utilize it to influence or exploit other users. Many people target teenagers specifically.

These people become friends on social media, and they exchange numbers. They profit from youngsters when they begin communicating via WhatsApp. Child pornographers, molesters and blackmailers comprise the majority of the group. They are demanding pictures, blackmail and also influence children through their private data.

You need a WhatsApp spy app to keep an eye on your teenagers and ensure they’re safe on the internet. You must get the best spy app so there is no danger to your privacy and you get top-notch results. In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 3 WhatsApp trackers so you can make a decision quickly.

1.     TheWiSpy

On top of the list, we’ve The WiSpy App that is indeed the best WhatsApp spy app. It’s the most popular and effective app for spying on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp tracker app is a powerful tracker that lets you know what is happening on your child’s WhatsApp profile in real-time.

You will have access to every message your child receives and transmits. In addition, you can look up the names of every person on the phone’s list of contacts to ensure that they’re engaging in secure conversations. You can also view private discussions and chats with a group and look up all the content your child has exchanged through the app.

Are you unsure if your child has sent private images or even locations to strangers via WhatsApp? TheWiSpy can help you avoid cases of cyberbullying Sexting, online predation, and other cyber-related dangers that could be affecting your child. Apart from child monitoring, you can use TWS to track your partner or employees without any issue.


TWS is a highly compatible application and works with all android devices. As it’s a WhatsApp tracker, you must ensure that your smartphone is updated to its newest version or has at least 4.0. The best part about TWS is that you won’t need jailbreaking to monitor this advanced social media application.


You must install TheWiSpy in your phone or target’s phone to use the fantastic features. However, there is a proper procedure that you require to follow, and don’t worry, and it won’t take much of your time.

  • You must open the TWS website to review its price plans.
  • Choose a package that suits your need (we recommend a platinum plan for you).
  • Get access to the phone that you wish to install the spyware.
  • Install the spyware file through the web browser.
  • Wait for the installation to finish and accept all the permissions.
  • Get access to the online portal and track WhatsApp activities.

You can log in to the dashboard on your phone or laptop. You’ll view all the features listed there, and with single clicks, you can fetch information or monitor remotely.


Message tracking:

You can track the text messages received on WhatsApp through TheWiSpy. It will provide you access to all message history so you can read old and new conversations without any problem. Moreover, you get to read messages, retrieve the deleted ones, and block contacts remotely.

Call tracking:

Call tracking is an essential feature in WhatsApp spy apps for android because you’ll get to know who your kids are talking to for hours in a day. You can view the call history, contact information, call details such as timestamps, duration, and more. In addition, you can block harasser calls through TWS.

Call recording:

You’ll be thrilled to know that TheWiSpy offers a call recording feature for the WhatsApp spy app. How amazing it’ll be to record the whole conversation your teenager is having on the phone. It can be a sexual predator assaulting your kid, and you’re unaware of it, but thanks to TWS, you can find that out now. The recorded call is then uploaded on the online portal so you can get access to it and listen to it carefree.

Voice message recording:

WhatsApp offers a voice message feature to record short messages and send them to friends without calling them. TheWiSpy WhatsApp tracker app is highly advanced and offers to record these voice messages, so you listen to them. That means, along with viewing the text messages, you can listen to voice notes as well.

Multimedia tracking:

It is hands down the most beneficial feature for parental controls. The reason is that teenagers share or receive inappropriate content along with their private data. As a parent, it’s a horrifying thing to know your child is in danger, and you can’t do anything about it.

But with the multimedia tracking feature, you can reduce this problem. You can check the multimedia files such as pictures, videos, and files exchanged on the WhatsApp platform. You can delete unethical content from remote access and even block harmful contacts that send such media.

2.     mSpy

The mSpy app is an additional one that lets you track your child’s or partner’s WhatsApp activities across every Android device. It has a variety of features. In the beginning, you can check all chats on WhatsApp and view the date and the time, view call logs, and access all media messages exchanged and received.

Download mSpy app on the phone that you would like to track and begin monitoring. One drawback that can cause you some trouble is that mSpy requires jailbreaking to use advanced features like spying on WhatsApp. In addition, you’ll need extra time on the target phone to root the device before you can install the spyware.


mSpy is compatible with android devices as long as it’s updated to the latest versions. Without any problem you can get benefit from all the functions once you root the machine beforehand.


mSpy is a simple spy app for android that doesn’t require much effort in installing. But you’ve to prepare yourself because it’ll take some time to install if you need to root the phone. It is almost similar to other spy apps, but we’ll illustrate it for your ease.

  • Buy a price plan from mSpy.
  • Install the spyware on the phone.
  • Provide mSpy permissions to get access to the phone data.
  • Open the dashboard and start monitoring.


·         Call tracking
·         Text message tracking
·         Multimedia file access

3.     FlexiSpy

If you’re looking for a spy app to look up messages from your partner or child’s phone and you want to know what they are doing, FlexiSpy is an excellent solution for you. It lets you access any private conversations that contain dates, times, and information on the sender and receiver.

The user has access to the entire list of contacts and views any shared media on the phone, including videos, images, and audio files. The information is accessible by logging into your online account in the app and is also available to download.


FlexiSpy is compatible spyware that supports android devices. However, to ensure that it won’t glitch while working, you must ensure that your phone has the OS between 4-11 versions.


It would help if you were careful while installing FlexiSpy because it’ll require some time to finish the process. So, if you’re installing the spyware secretly, ensure that you’ll have a maximum of 30 minutes to do it. After that, you need to get the FlexiSpy plan and then install it on the target phone.


·         Call monitoring
·         SMS monitoring
·         Call recording
·         Multimedia tracking


All the apps listed here are effective in spying on text messages as well as WhatsApp. There isn’t any doubt that all three WhatsApp spy apps for android are top-notch. The difference is that TheWiSpy offers more compelling features and is considered more reliable.

Many parents look for monitoring methods to safeguard their children from the usual issues and potential dangers of social media and other platforms such as WhatsApp. To protect their children online, we recommend using high-quality monitoring software such as TheWiSpy. You won’t have to be there for them 24/7; instead, TWS will get every bit of information to you. You will have to command through the dashboard.


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