How to Get Quick Results with SEO Sprints: The Drive Safe Case Study

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If you are reading this, then probably you are interested in learning how to increase your SEO traffic through SEO sprints!

Before exploring further, let us understand what is SEO sprint and why is it so essential?

SEO sprint – The magical wand

SEO sprint is a process that involves techniques, which can attract mass traffic to your website, and help you rank in the top pages of Google.

Choosing SEO sprint for your business could be a tough decision. Hence, it is imperative for you to conduct an in depth analysis to check whether the sprint is a good choice for your business or not.To make it easier, hire the services of an SEO agency.

The advantages:

  1. Enhancing websites

You can possibly redesign and optimize your website with the help of this technique.

  • Increase in traffic

When you use the required set of keywords that addresses the issues of customers, your organic website traffic increases significantly

  • Top ranking

Once you are in demand, Google automatically places you in the top position in SERPs that boost your sales.

  • Profit turnover

Once your website gets an adequate amount of traffic, the profit turnover increases

  • Timely modification

Adding creative keywords and graphics can increase the attractiveness of your website. SEOsprint aids in timely digital re-modifications.

  • Advance planning

This technique helps you staying one-step ahead your competitors and performing better than them, so that you do notlose your position in the SERPs.

  • Avoiding garbage

Usually websites contain a lot of clutter and unnecessary jargons that simply decrease the page loading speed. SEO sprint points out these kinds of errors and helps in sharpening of your website.

  • Unique touch

This method helps you add unique features to your website and brand that acts as a ladder to your top search engine scores.

Let us gain a deeper insight on SEO sprints through a case study of drive safe glasses.

The highlights:

Drive safe glasses –a product by ZEISS that enables drivers to view at night despite of headlights falling over their eyes

Nytsyn, a Danish group of 57 opticians, who owned a small market share like about 6% .

Drive safe campaign – targeted women who are 35 and above to wear glasses for a better vision

Sole objective –to attract the age crowd to do their eyesight testing at Nytsyn

  • The bulls-eye strategy

The team of SEO consultants made an effort to understand the business goals and objective of the campaign so that they could form an effective strategy.

  • Sufficient data collection

The team made it a point to analyze the data available in the search engines and kept a check on it.

  • Brilliant Insights

After analyzing, they foundthe clients intentions. They worked on ways that could change the clients’ mindset regarding eyesight testing (to be done at Nytsyn)

  • Complete execution

In this step, they modified the content on the webpage with the help of a Nytsyn content writer.

  • Consistent measurements

There was an entire team dedicated to monitor the dashboard results and draw inferences for the campaign.

Some observations:

  • The team found that the users wanted to check online for an eyesight test, so they created a page to answer the FAQs of “night blindness” and used negative keywords to attract attention of customers.
  • The best insights they drew was the use of certain jargons like “natbrillers”to increase the number of visits per page.

Outstanding results

  • The team turned the tables by attracting thrice amount of audience after a year of conducting the SEO sprint in the fourth quarter of 2018.
  • Nytsyn bagged about 73% of bookings in the second campaign and 23.7 % of organic traffic took interest in the web pages.

Few useful takeaways for readers:

  • You need to choose low volatility andcompetitive keywords.
  • You can use Google console and customer feedback to create a rock solid base for quality content.
  • PPC data plays a major role to check the direction of the traffic and provides more keywords to attract audience, so make sure you use it.
  • It is essential to keep checking keywords and metadata because customerviews and choices changes every second, so re-modification is important.
  • Learn from your previous campaigns and mark the loopholes, try using its alternative over next few campaigns along with schema markups.


SEO sprint gives you an upper hand over the competitors. You can get ultra fast results if you correctly implement SEO sprint. However, using the sprint completes depends on the end output of your business for instance what exactly you are looking to achieve. So go ahead, use it and build your business.


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