Tips and tricks to get 4000 hours of watch time on youtube videos soon

youtube videos

Today we will talk about YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing website that is a very popular website in today’s time, millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day and YouTube is updated everyday.

Videos are available like Video Song Funny Video Movie and many more videos are found in it and in today’s time YouTube has become so popular that everyone uses someone.

Why can’t you watch videos on YouTube. But by sharing original videos on it, you can also earn from YouTube and you can also earn from those videos by uploading your videos or you can put any kind of information YouTube YouTube is a great way to earn money. You can’t put any kind of pornographic video on it.

The invention of Youtube

YouTube was invented on 14 February 2005 and it was invented by three people together. His names were Chad Hurley, Steve Chan, and Jawed Karim. YouTube has made some Limitation under which you can start earning money from videos only after having 4000 hours of Watch Time on your channel. So you will keep uploading videos on YouTube continuously and make some good videos, then your 4000 hours of Watch Time will be completed very soon and you will start earning money from this. We have put a video about it on YouTube which you can watch.

YouTube rules

Officials of several companies had just stated that they were not giving these to Google for their YouTube videos, which resulted in a loss of $ 750 million dollars after their ads were not showing on YouTube videos. For the creator of the new channel, the watch time rule of 4000 hours was made on his video earlier.

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We have told you that if you create a new channel on YouTube, then for that you will have to get 4000 hours of watch time on your video, even then you can earn from YouTube to get 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube as soon as possible. Let us tell you some tips below, follow them.

To start earning on YouTube, first of all you have to make your YouTube channel well and have 4000 hours of video watch on it (get reviewed after reaching 4000 hours Watch Time Hindi) only then your earnings will gradually increase Will begin. For this, you have to make a good image in other people. For this, you will have to upload a video different from the other.

Channel name must be good

The name of your YouTube channel should be related to the thing you are making a video about, so that whenever someone searches videos about that thing then your videos are in the highest search and your videos and channels get good rank. And your earning will also be more. And the views of your video will also increase very quickly.

Create logo

Make a nice logo of your channel related to the same thing about which you are making your video. With this, you should prepare a nice poster of your channel so that other fans like your video and your channel and with that they will view your video more and more.

Install Intro and Outro

You should give complete details about your channel to what you have made the channel related to, so that other fans can get to know about your channel fully and can share more and more of your videos. Put intro or outro in your video above the channel so that your channel can look good.

Make content great

Make the content of your video great and do not pick up any kind of video or image from your website or any other video in your video. Because this will make your video less searched. And if your video will come in less search then the views of your video will be less. And your earning will also be less.

Audio video quality should be good

You want your video to be a camera with a good camera and a good audio recording phone. Make your video so that the audio and video quality of that video is good, and what you want to tell in your video is perfectly clear and heard because if the audio quality of your video is not good then the listener will not know that What you want to tell is likewise the quality of the video is not good, so what you want to show in the video will not be known correctly, what information you want to give in the video and that information will not reach the viewer completely. . And that will also spoil the image of your channel. So that viewer will not see your video again. This will reduce the videos of your videos as well.

Add Keyword to the video

Do research on the keywords of the thing you want to make a video about. You should keep the title of your video related to the thing related to which you want to make your video, because if you do not keep the title of your video related to the same thing then the viewer will have difficulty in searching your video. And the video he wants to see. She won’t see it. And if the video he wants to watch. If he is not found, he will go to another channel and watch the video. Which will reduce the views of your video.

Apply thumbnails

You should put Thumbnails on your video related to the same thing about which you are making a video so that the viewer will know what you have made the video about. So if the viewer who wants to watch the video will get the same banner on your video, then he will open it and see it quickly. After this, you share your videos on Facebook Twitter WhatsApp etc. so that you can earn more from your videos.

Make good edits

Do not upload the video directly to your channel, because there are many small mistakes in it, such as the information you want to tell, something is missing about it, then after making the video, edit it well and Only after editing, upload that video on your channel so that your video viewer can understand well, get the information that they want to take.

If you follow all the steps given above, then soon 4000 hours of Watch Time will be available on your video and after that your channel will be made on YouTube. So you follow all these states and if you know anything about this information If you want to ask, you can ask by commenting in the comment box below.


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