Top 10 Advantages of an Android Over iPhone: Know Here

Android Over iPhone

Androids are the audience’s popular OS known to be classic, sleek, modern, and sometimes chaotic (because nothing’s perfect). But what makes their experience truly user-defined is their adaptability to get renovated, bring in new and unique designs, and stay centered around the installation and launching of details previously missing in the parent model. As the marketers and software designers like to say regarding androids, “For every user, there is an android device available to fit their needs.

Thus, we are here to give you the top 10 advantages Androids have over iPhones (no hate for them, just pointing out the differences):

1. Cheaper pricing

Its decent pricing is the prime reason why Android is dominating the world of smartphones and has more users across the world. There’s always an Android mobile easily available that fits well into your budget and device requirement and is ready to be bought in the stores near you. Many Android phones are available at cheaper rates when compared to iPhones. Not only do they cost less, but they have a good display, a bigger screen, and a solid running CPU.

2. More customizable

Android phones have a wide range of custom features like the multiwindow support, which helps you multitask from one app to another. The split-screen built-in view allows you to toggle between different pages and accomplish multitasking on your device.

You can change the appearance of your home and lock screen and select from a variety of widgets available in your lock screens to see which one suits you the best. It offers you the feature to check the weather report, play music in the background, send emails, and even take notes.

3. Availability of a back button

Returning to the previous screen no matter where your current position is a simple yet powerful feature that is available in Androids. It works across different apps as well. For example, if you click on a link in a messaging app and it redirects you to the breakout escape rooms page, you can hit the back button and go back to the same position in which you were in the texting app. The universal back button makes working and handling your device easier in the case of Androids, unlike iPhones where there isn’t one to help you step back.

4. Expandable storage

Many Android mobiles still offer the option of expanding your storage. By inserting a microSD card, you can transfer and store your picture gallery and other media to avoid crowding the internal memory storage. It is a great advantage over iPhones, where you need to expensively invest a lot of money (equivalent to buying a new headset) for an extra double or quadruple (128 or 256 GB) internal space.

5. USB-C ports

The USB C-type ports are universal and allow easy access to several peripherals and docking stations. iPhones require a lightning port cable for charging and connecting to a computer. It makes sharing your set of cables impossible because only iOS and iPhones use lightning for charging and connection. But all the latest Androids have USB-C ports that give them ease of wider access and more usability and connection using the cables with other devices or computers for sharing data or fast charging.

6. Adapts emerging technologies faster

One of the reasons why Androids have most of the new innovative features introduced in them is because of the marketing competition amongst its various companies. Since there isn’t one specific company leading its production and commercialization, there’s always a contest to outdo others by announcing brand new and unique app or hardware features that will help it stand out for a longer time in the market. It may end up as a flop sometimes, but that’s how Android beats iPhone, always being the first to get the coolest features.

7. Good working file system

Copying or sharing files from an iPhone to your computer is a tedious task. You can mobilize only the media files like pictures to and fro, that also after installing iTunes and creating an account on it. But with Androids, all you need to do is plug it into your computer, and you can drag and drop or move any file from it without much hassle. The files are shown as External Storage in the computer, and you can access any of your media files, whether audio, pdf, video or images in it.

8. Different phone designs

When compared to iPhones, there is much more version of Android devices to select and purchase. From rotating screens to split screens or flip and folding phones, you’ve got it all in an Android smartphone. The iPhones sure have a sleek and classic style in premium models, but they do end up looking like mirror reflections of one another, whereas in Androids, there’s a phone that suits each one’s design requirement.

9. Fast charging

The charging speeds of most android devices are 30 watts and higher. It is extremely beneficial when we look for mobiles that would last longer in terms of battery consumption and charge faster. Also, the inclusion of USB type-C helps in the quick charging and simultaneous file sharing from the computers in a small amount of time.

10. Stylus and sideloading apps

Scribbling on an iPhone screen is out of option. But with the provision of a powerful stylus pen, you can draw, write, and scribble notes on an Android smartphone (the onboard software of the mobile lets you accomplish it). And you also have the feature to download and install any app from the Play Store if you feel that they’re missing from your device. The sideloading app facility makes it easier to work and handle Android smartphones.


While it is true that iPhones as well have their own set of superiority when compared to Androids. But the latter OS has enough standalone features to make it come off as better when we consider some facilities next to an iPhone. Ultimately, the decision is always yours regarding what you wish to choose.


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