Tips to take a PPC Holiday



Every brain needs to rest; overstressing your brain to earn and work more can severely affect your body. But a PPC agency needs to work throughout the clock to visualize the advertisements of their clients throughout 24 hours. Things become more stressful for an individual who will run PPC advertisements all alone. So, the question arises how can you go on vacation while keeping everything on track and not losing money. Therefore, we are going to list down some tips for the PPC holiday without affecting your business.

Organizing your suitcase

The preparation for a trip gets completed after you have packed your bags, and just like that, preparing your PPC accounts is similarly important before you depart for your vacation.  Proper organization will deliver peace of mind, that is, resting assured that everything is alright. Make sure to put everything right in place, before leaving, like turning the email permissions in mobile, so you get the important emails right into your phone. You must look into the foundation of your ad campaign, as that will reduce the chance of facing any problem. You can’t make adjustments when you are outside, so make sure to remove time-specific offers. Use app versions of your ad manager like the Google Ads app or Facebook Ads Manager app, as not only do they provide important details on the phone, but they also have lesser details so that you don’t waste your time digging into the app.

Run things at the right times

You need to properly schedule your advertisements so that you get a completely relaxing experience during your vacation. You can narrow your focus and resources on a particular day or time, knowing that your advertisements will run on those particular dates and times. You can make use of the ad duration feature, which will let you specify advertisements for a set length of time. This makes things easier for you, as you will know when your ad is running and when it isn’t.  But remember, if you have your advertisements spread on different platforms, the user habit will differ from platform to platform, so adjust your schedule according to that.

Use automation tools

Be wise and try to use platforms that will get all of the things in one place. Like if you have Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads running, it will be hectic to manage each of them separately. So, as a remedy of trying to use software that will punch in 3 of those platforms into one so that you can make easy changes. With some companies, you can use PPC scripts, which will automate the whole process of advertisements. Moreover, with Microsoft’s free Digital Marketing Centre, you can manage your PPC ads and social media in one place.

Setting rules

Depending on what time you want to go on vacation and for how long, you need to set rules accordingly. Include some set of rules before leaving for a vacation like:

  • Budget caps

First, think of budget caps for countering overspending. Likewise, you must set a rule that will pause a campaign that has spent a certain amount of your budget already halfway through the month; this will protect you from overspending. You can also impose budget caps or receive notifications when you have spent over half of the daily budget before lunchtime.

  • Broken URLs

Impose a heavy rule of discontinuing campaigns that will have URLs that are broken. So, this will safeguard you from wasting a budget and making a poor impression on the viewers.

  • Under and overperformers

Set specific rules to limit the campaigns that are underperforming so that you can make future changes to them. And also set rules to power up the campaigns that are performing well so that they can generate more leads.


Many of the above-mentioned tricks and tips will constantly help you when where you think of going on a vacation. However, if you want more productivity, then you can better outsource your project to other companies.


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