The problem with watching too much Netflix


Netflix is a household name. With so many different shows and movies to choose from, it’s never been easier for people to watch what they want when they want. But with all of this content available, how do you know when enough is enough? The answer may surprise you!

The average Netflix subscriber spends around two hours per day watching TV or movies on the streaming service. That’s not too bad compared to the three hours spent each day by YouTube viewers or four hours for Amazon Prime members, but still more than most people spend at their jobs. What are some other reasons that might lead to addiction?

1) you’re addicted because there’s no end in sight.

Okay, so you may watch a little bit of Netflix every day because it’s relaxing and something to do when you get home from work. But what happens when your evening becomes filled with nothing but TV shows and movies? It could be time to reevaluate your spending habits!

2) You’re using autoplay.

Are you the type of person who automatically starts watching more than one episode of a show at once just because it’s easier? Try turning off autoplay and only watching one episode per session. This way, you’ll feel less obligated to spend hours on end watching an entire season and will encourage yourself to take breaks in between.

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3) You’re not enough.

If watching TV and movies is something that brings you joy, then by all means-spend as much time doing it as possible. However, if your Netflix habit seems like a way to avoid doing essential tasks or spending quality time with the people around you, it may be time to reevaluate.

4) you’re using someone else’s account…

Did you know that sharing passwords is not only dangerous but also against the law? This includes sharing your password with family members who don’t live in your household! If you are watching someone else’s account, it might take some time for them to realize, so do yourself a favor and don’t let them find out! If you want to fix this, you can find great Netflix deals online.

5) You have nothing else going.

Netflix is great for more than just entertainment. With so many shows and movies available, it’s also an opportunity to learn about new cultures, eras of time, or historical events. Watch more documentaries on Netflix to get the most out of your viewing experience!

6) you’re spending too much time scrolling through suggestions.

Netflix is great at making suggestions based on what you’ve watched before-but. If you spend hours perusing all of the options, you’ll run out of time for actually watching anything! Please give yourself a specific amount of time each day to do some online browsing-otherwise it’ll feel like wasted time that could be better spent doing anything else in the world.

7) You have no genuine interest or passion outside of Netflix.

If all you do is sit around and watch TV shows and movies, you’re going to miss out on so many other unique opportunities that could be available in your daily life! Take the time to pursue hobbies that don’t revolve around TV or movies-you’ll never know what you might discover. It may take some time to break your Netflix habit, but once you do, it’ll be a relief knowing that your time is better spent elsewhere.


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