Google SEO parameters for 2022

Google SEO parameters

Technology has become an important ally in our daily activities. Currently, it is very difficult to imagine our life without the support and constant progress of the different platforms that exist. Thanks to this development, new markets are nurtured, digital marketing has become a necessity for companies or businesses to make themselves known in a globalized world, with a lot of competition and in constant development.

SEO positioning has become one of the most important tools for companies and online businesses to find their way to potential customers. Search engine optimization or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be defined as the set of plans and actions aimed at improving the visibility of a page or website within the results pages of platforms such as Google.

What is SEO and why do I need it in my company or business?

The objective of a strategy of this type is to improve the visibility of the websites, based on certain standards or rules that the different search engines have so that the pages are shown to the clients when they carry out a search. So it doesn’t matter if your site has an impressive design or the most spectacular videos. If you do not have a good SEO strategy, you will be forgotten in the depths of the internet.

It is for this reason that hiring an SEO expert has become so important in the marketing strategy of all companies. Since it allows you to capture the attention of people who are really interested in buying your products or acquiring your services.

Parameters for SEO campaigns in 2022

  1. Domain level and link authority characteristics

By 2022, link building will have a slight change in its way of acting. Now greater importance will be given to the Page Authority or Page Authority (PA) that links to your products or content. This means that an article or website will rank better when it has more authoritative sources. So it will be more convenient for you to have an important page link to your products or articles, than for a large number of small blogs to mention each and every one of your publications.

Do not spend time making agreements with pages of lesser authority, remember that the site that is going to link to you is just as important as yours, and it is necessary that it be a page that really helps you to position yourself better in your industry and within Google. Consider quality, not quantity, this is the trend for link building in 2022.


  1. Pay more attention to click-through rate than being number one

Ranking at the top of a Google search is no longer strictly related to increasing traffic to a site. It is very common to find the first options of the SERPs diverse announcements, frequently asked questions, and other elements, which causes the first places of organic traffic to move.

For this reason, many recommend focusing more on the click rate that we can achieve. To increase this metric we can test different title styles and improve our meta descriptions. Mainly, you have to take into account the value of the keywords and the possible combination of them through tools such as Google Adwords.

  1. Website search by voice

It is estimated that by 2022 about 55% of homes worldwide will have smart assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant. The frequency of searching by voice commands has grown quite a bit during 2021; however, during the following year, there will be a need for adaptation by an SEO consultant for this type of query.

To optimize your website for voice search, we need to pay attention to the most natural and complete keywords and phrases that users are likely to use. While in a written query there is a tendency to abbreviate, when searching orally, the idea is clearer and longer. Therefore, we have to use a common language so that search engines recognize the content and smart assistants can offer and read it.

The better optimized a website is, the more likely it is to be included in these types of intelligent queries, which translates into greater visibility of your site in the face of these new technologies.

  1. The importance of YouTube for the positioning of a brand

The video format continues with the great importance it has marked in recent years. The

dissemination of this type of content is done virally, which allows your business or company to make itself known to an audience in a good way. The development of YouTube places it as the second most used search engine in the world, only below Google. Which can give you an idea of ​​the importance of positioning your content on this platform. With impressive numbers, like having close to 2 billion monthly users, YouTube provides the ideal space for your strategy to connect with the right audience.



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