The incredible slot machine journey


Players may not realise it but slot machines have come a long way since their inception. Although they have stuck to the basic idea, modern slots are completely different to slots of the past – play now with no deposit.

Early days

The early days of slot machines are very unexpected, they actually originate all the way back in the late 1800s when a gentleman named Charles Fey created a small machine known then as the Liberty Bell. This machine had what we call now three reels and one payline. It did not pay out any cash at the time, instead it paid out small pieces of food to winners. The game became a hit and soon spread all over the country. Slot machines found a second home in Las Vegas, with the relaxed gambling laws of the state proving to be very useful for the game. The innovation soon found itself world wide, with many countries utitling their own form of the Liberty Bell. 

New innovations

Slot machines were mechanically operated for a while, players had to pull a lever to spin the reels. The sixties and seventies saw the introduction of electric slots, these gradually phased out the older slot machines. These electric slots were sleeker and easier to operate.

  1. Much of the slot boom that happened throughout the sixties was down to the electric slot. The images of rows of players using slot machines in Las Vegas come from this time period. It is where the stereotype of the average slot player comes from.
  2. The slot boom started to subside throughout the late seventies. Luckily, by the eighties there was a major new innovation for slot games. The video slot was released. This slot machine offered more for players as there was now a screen which depicted the action. This meant that the games could portray animations and offer increased amounts of bonuses. Video slots have remained popular in casinos ever since, with some even being found in the local bars and pubs. 

Modern slot machine

Although slot machines have come a long way over the years, they are probably the most different today. The modern slot machine is completely unrecognisable to the slot machine of the past, mainly because it doesn’t physically exist.

  •       Most newer players’ experience with a slot machine is not in a casino but instead on a website. The online slots aim to offer a similar experience to physical slot machines, they will have the same design, bonuses and payout potential. The biggest difference is that these games can be exclusively found on the mobile device or computer of a player.
  •       These online slots offer certain advantages that traditional slot machines do not have, one of the biggest is the sheer accessibility that they have. These games do not require a player to travel to their local casino in order to enjoy them, rather they can be enjoyed from the comfort of the player’s own home.


Modern slot machines are much more technologically advanced and accessible than slots of the past, despite sharing several similarities.

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