Aluminium Bottles: Premium Packaging for your Beer

aluminium bottles

The importance of packaging

The containers are in charge of preventing the products from being damaged, extending their shelf life as much as possible or isolating the food from the environmental factors that may affect it. Likewise, they have also become a great resource to inform the consumer, offering data of great importance for their consumption, such as the ingredients, the way of conservation, the nutritional information or how to take it, among other things.

Depending on the food or beverage you want to pack or the purpose of the packaging for the products, you can choose between different types of packaging. It is convenient to choose the material well so that the food or beverage does not suffer damage or its quality is altered.

We all know that the quality of our product is, without a doubt, the most important factor in the purchase decision of our customers. Carrying out the Elaboration process correctly, having quality supplies and equipment, and maintaining cleanliness and sanitation will guarantee us to obtain a truly palatable Beer.

But now, is it enough for us, in today’s market, just to offer a quality product to considerably increase our sales? Today’s sales and marketing strategies are increasingly sophisticated. People consume “by the eyes”, by the experiences that the products or services offer them. The differential value of our product has to go beyond just being well done or achieved.

Advantages of packaging in Aluminium Bottles?

Packaging comes to play an important role in the marketing of our product. A good label, a good container, arouses the interest of the consumer. Aluminium Bottles can give you that differential value that you are looking for in your Beers. Not only is it highly innovative, but it also has advantages and characteristics that neither Glass nor Plastic Bottles can offer:

  • These Containers contribute to achieving the objectives set worldwide regarding environmental sustainability since they are recycled maintaining the same properties as aluminium.
  • They are reusable. Make sure to place your logo/brand on your packaging. In this way, your customers, when saving the bottles, will see your logo all the time, thus achieving incalculable branding value for your brand.
  • The premium look and feel of the aluminium bottle help convey the premium nature of the product.
  • The aluminium bottle can help to attract attention to your product in the gondola.
  • Provides differentiation and drives discovery.
  • Help struggling brands with revamped packaging designs that connect with consumers.

And not only is it, but they also look and feel premium, but they also cool faster, they have very little weight, they can be reclosed and does not break like the rest of Beer Bottles.

Environmental awareness

Different studies have been carried out regarding people’s appreciation of food packaging materials. Three out of four people say they are in favour of buying products in which the least amount of plastic packaging is used.

Likewise, a large part of the population has expressed the need for single-use plastic products to be prohibited in the consumption of common products. More than 70% of people have reported being in favour of the complete elimination of plastic packaging.


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