Sweden: A slot developer haven

slot developer haven

One thing that players may have noticed when playing slot games is the name of the slot developer. These are essentially the people who created the game – check out Slots Baby slot site. Something that players may not realise about these slot developers is that a large amount of them actually come from the same place, Sweden.


Sweden is a country situated in Europe that is famous for many things, it has beautiful landscapes, friendly people and even Ikea. One thing that people do not usually associate with the country is slot gaming. However, the facts don’t lie. Many slot games are developed in the nation. While slots are incredibly popular in Britain and America, the games are rarely developed in these countries. Sweden is a country that seems to produce more slot developers than any other nation on the planet. It is very peculiar when you consider that they do not have any special affinity to slot games. Despite this, newer developers continue to appear from the region. Sweden is quickly becoming well known for its quality slot developers as much as its beautiful views. 

Developers from Sweden

Although Sweden is a lovely country that is famous for many things, slot players recognise the country for producing a large amount of amazing game developers. The following are just some of the developers who either originated or currently operate out of Sweden.

  1. Yggdrasil Gaming – A slot developer that was founded back in 2013, they are well liked by players and viewed as a rising star of the industry. Yggdrasil Gaming produce a variety of games, although they have a particular affinity to norse mythology, as their name suggests. The company has won awards for their skills in slot development and seeks to take care of players by participating in several fair play programmes.
  2. Thunderkick – This developer was founded back in 2012 in Stockholm. They are well known by players for their technical expertise, they always use state of the art technology to make their games as pretty as possible. They have developed a range of titles for players to enjoy, the themes they have covered include swashbuckling pirate adventures and classic fruity slot machines. 

Other countries

Sweden may have produced a staggering amount of slot developers but they are not the only country in the world to love slot games. The following are some of the countries that love slot games the most.

  •       America – It should come as no surprise to you that America is on this list, they have the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, after all! Slot games originated in this country, with the very first machine created by a man named Charles Fey.
  •       England – Another country that absolutely loves slot games is England. This type of gaming has become a part of everyday life throughout the nation, with slot machines commonly found in bars and pubs.

Final Thoughts

Its true that Sweden is a slot developer haven of sorts, there are a large number of developers who have come from the country or currently reside there.


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