Short-Throw DLP Home Theater Projector – The ideal choice for small homes

Home Theater

To create an excellent big screen experience at home, you must set up a Home Theater equipped with a projector like the BenQ 1085 that promises the most satisfying viewing pleasure and enjoyment, which will make you forget that you are at home and not in a movie hall. Projectors serve various purposes, from making official presentations to gaming and viewing movies and you must ascertain your requirement correctly to choose the right projector.

Remember that projectors are like horses for courses, and a single projector cannot meet various needs. However, if you are buying a projector for your home, it becomes evident that it is for viewing movies, and you need to set up a Home Theater.  Again, a LED projector would suffice for office work that would mostly use the device for presentations.

Setting up the space for home theater

To create a home theater, it is not enough to get the best equipment and create the right atmosphere of viewing that can replicate the experience of viewing movies in a theater.  Selecting the space and sprucing it up to make it suitable for enjoying movies involves construction work to make the place resemble a small movie theater. The minimum space requirement is 20 feet long x 13 feet wide, located at a relatively quiet area of the house, slightly isolated so that it does not affect the standard workflows of the household.

Insulate the space adequately by ensuring that it has a rating of R30 for the floor, exterior wall, ceiling, and sound insulation of the interior walls. It will ensure that the booming sound of movies does not affect the rest of your home.

Complete the electrical wiring for Surround sound systems and install the video projector to provide an HDMI cable to suit the HD projector and a CAT5 control wire to communicate with the projector remotely.

Create the right kind of lighting that can replicate the ambiance of the movie theater.

Consider throw distance and positioning

The room configuration influences the size of the image and the position of the projector. For the projector’s placement flexibility, you must consider the projector features and the throw distance, which is the distance between the projector and the screen or, more precisely, the image on the screen.  3D Projectors are available in two types- long throw and short throw projectors.

Long-throw projectors – Long throw projectors are suitable for large rooms where the projector is installed t the center of the room, usually on the ceiling.

Short throw projectors – Short throw projectors suit smaller rooms as it can project large images with fewer shadows and eye glare, and the ideal positioning for the projector is either on the ceiling close to the wall or on the wall itself. The distance between the projector and the image is minimal, between 3 feet and 8 feet.

If you are setting up a home theater where space is a constraint, you will need a short-throw projector.


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