Choosing the Right Security Systems

Right Security Systems


If you own a business in Boise, Idaho you have probably considered getting some type of security system. A business is a huge investment and a labor of love. You likely want to do everything you can to protect it, and to feel safe closing your doors at night to go home and enjoy being with your family without worrying about work. The right security system will give you the peace of mind you need to leave work at work. 

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Security System 

  1. Type of Cameras

Security cameras are just one option when it comes to a security system, but they are usually the first thing that people think of. It is true that many people want and need surveillance of some kind for their home or business. 

Not too long ago home security cameras were few and far between, but now almost everyone has some form of video even if it is just their doorbell. Businesses have unfortunately had to step up the security game as well due to high levels of theft and dishonesty throughout the nation. 

When considering the addition of security cameras it is important to consider which type of camera will best meet the needs of your business. 

The following are a few things to consider before selecting a security camera:

  • Features
  • Lighting
  • Wiring
  • Placement
  • Budget

Features of the camera include things like noise reduction, night vision and zoom. 

Lighting is thinking about things like needing night vision or adjustment for day and nighttime conditions. 

The wiring that is available likely cannot be changed, so that could limit a few or your possible camera selections. 

Placement is key when choosing a camera because you need to know if you can have a stationary camera or if it should be a panoramic type. 

Budget cannot be forgotten either. Consider your price point and make a list of the most important to the least important features to have. 

2. Access Control Systems

An access control system is best known as keyless entry. This type of security grants access to only allowed individuals at certain times and can track who is coming and going when. It also allows for remote lock and unlock for when you are away. 

A few of the benefits of access control systems are: 

  • Keyless Entry
  • Access Records
  • Remote Lock
  • Restricted Access

This type of security system is great for giving the business owner peace of mind knowing who is entering or exiting when, but it is also well-liked by employees because of the convenience and the additional safety for them. 

3. Consult the Security System Professionals

A security system of any kind is a huge investment. Before you make such a big decision for your company, you would be wise to sit down with the professionals and discuss what things are important to you, what things are available to you at your location, and what price you are looking for. The professionals at System Tech are ready to walk you through everything related to security systems Boise


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