Product Registration Platform to get First Party Data

Product Registration Platform

Third-party cookies are quickly disappearing, and traditional online marketing channels like google ads, Facebook, and Instagram ads are becoming less and less profitable, that is, until they die ultimately.

And going into the future, as privacy laws get stricter third-party data which is the most used type of data now, will become impossible to access as all the third-party data comes from cookie tracking as –

  • Google announced the stop of third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2024.
  • Apple’s April 2021 iOS update 14.5 featured a new consent protocol called App Tracking Transparency (ATT). ATT governs and constrains how apps and advertisers can use uniquely identifiable data like device ID to target, measure and optimize campaigns.
  • According to the GDPR, any cookies that can be used to identify you are considered personal data and are thus subject to the GDPR’s regulatory requirements. This regulation, alongside California’s CCPA, is set to bring huge changes for marketers who have relied on 3rd-party cookies for critical aspects of their job.

So how are leading brands adapting to the change?

Leading e-commerce marketers are aware of the death of third-party cookies and are now shifting to first-party data-based marketing.

86% of respondents from medium and large companies considered first-party data to be the most significant aspect of a business’ media strategy.

Dyrect is a 1 click product registration software that uses the product ownership experience to bring you data of your marketplace and retail customers.

Dyrect works by serializing all your products across SKUs with unique QR codes, which act as a gateway to first-party customer data. Whenever your customer unboxes your product after buying from any channel, they have a QR code placed either on the product or as an insert.

Customers have to scan the QR code in order to register their product, activate their warranty or claim loyalty points.

The users can scan these QR codes with any preexisting scanner apps or even their phone camera. The QR code scan then directs users to a web app that is custom build for you wherein users can register their product for any of the above use cases with their email id or phone number in just a single click

Customer registers their product by entering details about their purchase and their product, with single-sign-on features enabled, giving them the option to sign in through Google and Truecaller.

This means that customers do not have to remember their credentials every time for signing in. Having a single sign-on also means that the details submitted are verified.

All registered customers can be reached by the inbuilt CRM or on the email or phone number submitted at the time of verification for remarketing and upselling purposes.

The product registration solution opens up a previously unable channel for communication with your Amazon and other marketplace customers. Allowing you to remarket and resell effectively to every customer.

Whenever a customer wants to claim a warranty or access another post-sales service, all they have to do is go on the web app, using links in their emails, SMS and WhatsApp, and click a button.

Leading e-commerce brands use product registration software to collect first-party data and connect with all their customers. Want to know more? visit to collect customer data of all your customers.


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