Why Do You Need PPC and SEO in Internet Marketing for Lawyers?

Internet Marketing for Lawyers

SEO and PPC are two very different strategies but they are also the most popular digital marketing mediums today. Most people don’t realize that these two different strategies can work with each other to bring in good-quality leads and improve your overall conversion rate. If you want to run successful internet marketing for lawyers, make sure it includes both of these strategies.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a paid marketing strategy that allows law firms to reach prospective customers through text or display ads. These ads show up prominently on search engine results pages and websites affiliated with Google. The ads often occupy prime real estate, ensuring that most search engine and users can at least see the content.

PPC can help you get brand visibility, more website traffic, and increased revenue. You need to pay for every click on the ad, but the investment is worth it if you have a good PPC strategy. Most experienced professionals consider pay-per-click advertising the most important strategy in internet marketing for lawyers.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Unlike PPC, it isn’t a paid promotion tool so instead of buying a spot on search engine results pages or SERPs, you earn it by optimizing your online presence. SEO is a little more complex than PPC because it involves several different strategies like:

  • Content marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Technical optimization
  • Local SEO

The goal of SEO is to ensure your online presence is worthy enough to rank high on Google or Bing. If your website delivers a great user experience, has valuable content, is mobile-friendly, and has good page authority, it will rank high. SEO is the most important strategy in internet marketing for lawyers. You can’t go far without it, which is why modern marketers invest so much effort in the campaigns.

How Does PPC Benefit SEO?

Both of these strategies sound very different so how can they benefit each other? Experienced marketers know how to use both SEO and PPC to their full potential. Here’s a look at how PPC can benefit SEO:

  • PPC is Quick – PPC is faster than SEO so a law firm can get brand visibility faster if it already has a PPC campaign in place. If you get more traffic to your website through the ads and impress your visitors with content, they will stay longer on your website. Long sessions indicate good user experience and good UX always has a positive impact on rankings.
  • Testing Different Keywords – You can test out different keywords through PPC ads to see which ones attract the best traffic. It is easy to develop a customized keyword list that you can then use in SEO. Experts can develop content around these keywords to reach the right people.
  • Treasure Trove of Data – Google Ads data will provide a lot of information on different campaigns and how prospective clients interact with the campaign. For example, it will provide information on where most of your traffic comes from and whether people use mobile or desktop to access your website. This information can help you optimize your SEO campaign.
  • Dominating the First Page – PPC helps you establish a strong presence on the first page of Google search results while SEO plays catch up. It ensures you don’t miss out on traffic. When SEO finally catches up, you can dominate the first page with multiple organic and paid links. This has a stronger impact on clients and can help you run more successful internet marketing for lawyers.

As you can see, PPC can help you develop much better SEO campaigns. A good marketer will use data from ads to refine all of their strategies, including content marketing and social media marketing.

How Does SEO Benefit PPC?

SEO is a complex, multilayered strategy that covers your entire online presence. It includes local directories, Google My Business, blogs, reviews and ratings, websites, guest posts, and more. Such a complex strategy will obviously generate a lot of data and insight, which can be used to optimize other campaigns. Here’s a look at how SEO can benefit PPC:

  • Reputation Management – SEO can help law firms manage their reputation and counteract any negative feedback. A measured, careful response to bad press can help you showcase your dedication to clients. This ensures people aren’t put off by the star ratings of your company when they encounter PPC ads.
  • First Page Visibility – You can only have one ad on a SERP but you can have multiple organic links. This increases the overall first-page visibility, which can help increase the CTR of an ad.
  • Retargeting –You can retarget people after they visit your website. SEO attracts people to your site and allows you to give them cookies. These cookies can be used as targets for retargeting PPC ads.

Well-planned internet marketing for lawyers approaches prospective clients from different directions and encourages them to convert. You need all of the tools in your arsenal to get the best results and establish a strong presence online.


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