Finding the Funniest Movies Ever with Friendspire

funniest movies ever

We’re in the mood for a comedy and looking for the funniest movies of all-time. You can google “what are the funniest movies ever” and look through the curated lists that pop up, but how can you be sure that these movies are going to funny for you?

Some movies are generally funny to everyone, but comedy has a lot of different genres. List authors generally have a certain genre and their own sense of humor in mind when making recommendations, so you end up having to get lucky for your sense of humor to overlap with theirs. There’s nothing wrong with rolling the dice and hoping that you picked a good movie. Friendspire was tired of hoping to get lucky and came up with a solution to getting better recommendations.

That solution is getting recommendations from friends. There is a pretty good chance that your sense of humor overlaps with your friends’ senses of humor, so doesn’t it make the most sense to ask our friends what they think the funniest movies ever are? The thing is we can’t always text our friends and ask for suggestions, and when we can get through to our friends, how can we keep track of their recommendations? A lot of us will hear an idea that we liked and then proceeding to completely forget what the idea was.

Friendspire centralizes your friends’ opinions on movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, bars, and restaurants. Now when you’re looking for the comedies, you can look at Friendspire’s “funniest movies ever” list and see your friends’ ratings on those movies suggested. Now you don’t have to rely on the list’s author and your sense of humor lining up while looking at a curated list. This streamlines the movie finding process and gives you more time to enjoy a good laugh. Even if you aren’t satisfied with the movie suggestions on the list, you can go to your friends’ profiles and see movies that they rated.

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Getting recommendations from friends is unique to the Friendspire app, and they have put in a lot of effort into making that the most enjoyable experience. Every movie page has your friends’ ratings at the top, ratings from other people, IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes information, movie trailers, and where you can find the movie (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.).

Understandably, you don’t always want to rate a movie. Buzz-ing allows you to promote an item to your network.If you just watched a movie and found it hilarious, you can rate and buzz it, so all of your friends know to check it out. Recently, one of my friends buzzed Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. It seemed funny from the trailer and had good reviews, so I gave it a watch. It was absolutely hysterical to watch, and I wouldn’t have known about it without the app.

The best way to find new movies to watch is getting recommendations from friends, and Friendspire is here to cut through the noise and get you back to enjoying good movies.


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