Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Guide

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies guide

With the release of COD’s Black Ops Cold War, a new era of Zombies gaming began. Some of the game play elements that returned with it include the iconic Ray Gun, Perk Machine Jingles, Mystery Box, Wall Buys, Pack-a-Punch-machine, and more.

The whole slate of innovations may make the Zombies experience the most replayable and compelling one. However, it has been anything but easy. Whether playing a regular Zombies game or trying your hands in the new outbreak mode of Cold War, we have some fantastic tips for you.

Begin with a knife and maximize the early point values

The blade may not be the most attractive loadout to begin your game. But, on the surface, it is indeed one of the best weapons to start with as it helps to maximize early points quickly. Points do not have the same flat worth from the previous games and differ on the damage or kill type you opt for.

Compared to the bullet weapons in the initial rounds, Melee kills offer more damage, especially if the bullet guns cannot guarantee heads hots. Another benefit of the knife is that it does not leave early as many other initial loadouts. In fact, the knife remains viable into the middle rounds as well.

Make Zombie trains while improving the movement

Map knowledge and great movement are COD Zombies mode’s greatest assets. These two are also the most significant indicators of your general applicable skill and survivability. Possessing knowledge about the zombie spawning points helps to determine the number of zombies on the map approximately.

The minute you realize the spot from where the zombies are spawning, you can strategize your movement better and obtain the massive hordes agro. Training the zombies requires a wide-open space that offers you plenty of time to steer around the mob created by you. That makes Die Maschine the best map to rehearse this gameplay on. Unfortunately, it also requires a lot of practice and can only be done through error and trial.

Pack a punch as early as possible

Since Der Riese Pack-a-punch has been the staple but with COD’s Zombies rendition, it is as pivotal as ever. The weapons ability declined earlier than the previous entries, and the Pack-a-Punch’s first-tier helps counter this. Do not upgrade the gun right away but get the first-tier done at the earliest. This act lets you secure a weapon that delivers a great deal of damage, so you do not have to waste beneficial Essence to acquire a high-rarity weapon beforehand.

Know the time for armor application

When you know how and when to use armor, you will have great help in both co-op and single games. If you are playing with more than one player, it will help you prioritize whom to give the armor to. When an armored vest repairs immediately, any shattered armor you may possess grants the armor’s first slot.

However, remember that with unbroken armor, you cannot have another slot. Thus, as per the cold war hacks, it always makes more sense to provide armor to those without it or those who have absorbed more hits.

Utilize the Ring of Fire when you desire to Camp

In COD Zombies, one of the legitimate strategies is Camping. It directly opposes itself to the zombie training stat’s movement focus simplified by Aether Shroud. Ring of Fire permits you to set the shop up and take down an army of zombies at a given time. Once you have fully upgraded, this Ring of Fire presents defensive and offensive benefits. Offensively, it decreases reload tomes but enhances the damage output. Any zombie that moves past the ring is decelerated and projectiles from noteworthy zombie units are obstructed.

There are optimal, specific spots on the map where the Ring of Fireworks is even better. That point is the Penthouse right beside the Wunderfizz machine. This strategy is great but leaves you endangered to the hordes of zombies if things go wrong.

Avoid the Mystery box and commit to the gun

The mystery box has always existed since the COD’s World at War. However, it burns a money hole in the wallet of players, especially in the initial rounds. In the later and middle rounds, you may bag a rare weapon that helps you utilize your Essence to buy Perks in the initial stages. We recommend purchasing the GALLO SA12 off the wall as it is priced at 2000 essence and requires only 1500 hi-grade salvage to attack.


We always recommend sticking with one weapon and upgrading it. Whether it is the weapon, you begin in your loadout or something you acquired from the mystery box. We hope you liked our tips. And if there is anything that has helped you ace the Zombies mode in Cold War, join the discussion via the comments below.


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