Dropbox Vs. OneDrive: Detailed Comparison

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Ask anyone to name you the best cloud storage systems and they are sure to talk about Dropbox and OneDrive. Both are intuitive, easy to use, and great at what they are designed for i.e. storing data.

Chances are you already know about these cloud storage systems but you can’t decide which one’s best. I have been in your shoes, my friend! I wasn’t overwhelmed this much at the time of choosing from Spectrum bundle deals. But deciding between Dropbox and OneDrive was a tough one.

To make the job easier, here are some attributes based on which you can decide which one’s better. Let’s have a look.

Storage Costs

Both providers have a different way of handling storage. Dropbox for Business offers unlimited space at a monthly price whereas OneDrive provides 1 terabyte of space at a very fair monthly price. You may add additional storage if the need arises for an additional fee.


OneDrive is a product by Microsoft. It integrates well with the Windows operating system, making it easier to store data from a Windows PC to a cloud. It also supports integration for Mac, Android, and iOS. Dropbox outshines OneDrive when it comes to integration. From project management to IT security tools, you can easily integrate tools that you use on an everyday basis with Dropbox.

Both platforms have made it easier to add a folder to your system and then use the drag and drop feature to add files. The folders automatically sync to the cloud. You will be able to access them from anywhere as long as you have Internet access.


OneDrive vs. Dropbox comparison guide. OneDrive is more secured compared to Dropbox. Although both use encryption for protecting data, Dropbox was hacked in 2012 which drove some customers. Both providers encrypt data when it’s in transit from the user’s PC to the cloud. In the case of Dropbox encryption applies even when the data is on the cloud, or sitting on the server. It uses one key for all the data in a single account.

OneDrive uses a slightly different technique to secure data while it’s on the servers. Each individual file gets its own key which makes it harder for an intruder to unlock the entire data at once.

Both providers also offer 2-factor authentication to add another layer to security to your files and account. Keep in mind you have to enable 2FA yourself to make your accounts secure. This isn’t a by-default feature.


Dropbox and OneDrive both are great when it comes to speed. Dropbox uses the LAN sync system. It syncs files between systems right away that are connected to the same network

OneDrive uses the block level copying technology for syncing. If you use Google apps most of the time, this file syncing feature may not be of any benefit to you.

How are Dropbox and OneDrive Different?

These platforms differ in terms of storage size and prices. Both offer personal and business packages which are compared as follow:

Personal Package


It offers 2GB free storage

2TB storage is available for $16.58 per month


It offers 5GB free storage.

6TB storage is available for $9.99 per month.

Business Package


Unlimited storage is available for $20 per month per user


Unlimited storage is available for $10 per month per user

OneDrive seems to be more affordable for both personal and business use, right? The truth is, pricing should not be the measure of your decision. Each product has its own value to a company depending on its needs.

OneDrive protects the data from outside attacks whereas Dropbox has excellent login encryption. Both other top-notch security systems. The final decision depends on your business or personal needs.

Version Control

What kind of support is available if you want to restore the changes in a file? The great news is both platforms offer support.

Dropbox keeps an awesome version history of files. Its smart sync feature lets you set the file as an online-only measure. The rewind feature lets you revert to the file’s old version. This is a great support if a file is affected by malware.

OneDrive supports a file-on-demand feature for speeding up the sync time. Its file restore feature lets you restore the old version but with a limit of 30 days.

Which One is Best for You?

If you need extensive tools and presentation programs along with cloud storage, OneDrive is meant for you. It includes the Office 365 suite. It is also a favorable option if you are on a budget. Learn more about OneDrive Migration and Microsoft SharePoint Migration.

Dropbox may be expensive but it supports extensive integration which is why many businesses choose it. It also uses a complex security system to protect sensitive data. Over the years, its security has improved and it’s a much reliable option.

Sometimes, you have to make a decision based on price. For instance, when I saw Spectrum Internet pricing and compared it to speed, it was a must-have deal. Make your own comparison and pick one of these cloud storage platforms.


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