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Apply With Poor Credit

At Sunny we understand that emergencies can affect you financially, and it is for this reason that we aim to provide support for our customers who find themselves worrying about how to make ends meet. We also want to help you make the best financial decisions for you, so when we receive a loan application we take care to carry out a full credit check as part of our review process.

How quickly you can get a loan often depends on how much you want to borrow and how long you want to borrow it for. Generally, for small amounts that are to be repaid back quickly, such as three months, such loans for bad credit can be approved almost instantly. For larger amounts, some lenders may take longer to approve your application. As with anything, most lenders are very flexible in regards to the terms they offer and many will work with you to find the right repayment plan for you. As an independent broker, New Horizons strives to find the right unsecured loans bad credit for you as quickly as possible. To help you get access to the money you need quicker than ever before and to reflect how people now use such services, many direct lenders in the UK now offer bad credit loans online. This means there is very little form-filling and your application can be processed much quicker. As such, you can often get the money you need the same day; often within hours or even minutes of you applying.

In and of itself, the act of taking out a loan won’t improve your credit score. In fact, if you apply for too many loans, it can have a negative effect, as each new loan application can be documented in your credit report as an enquiry. If you have too many enquiries on your report, it can indicate to lenders that you may be desperate for funds, or are compiling loan debts that you may not be able to repay. This isn’t intended to frighten you away from applying for a loan, but to serve as a reminder that a loan application is a very serious commitment, and should be treated as such.

Note that although we call them payday loans, and most people use these loans to keep them going until payday, you’re not under any obligation to use your loan for this particular reason, it’s your loan and there are almost no restrictions on what you do with the money. However, the amount you can borrow is partially dependent on how much you earn, so you do need to provide proof of income when applying for payday loans for bad credit.

Applying for a no credit check payday loan via Emu could not be easier! We only ask the most basic questions such as your name, address and your bank account information (so we can actually send you the cash loan). We will also ask some general questions about your employment and the date your next pay check is likely to arrive. The information you enter during the application process will determine how much we can offer you via the loan along with the repayment terms. Our whole application process has been designed to be as straight forward as possible. You will then receive an instant on screen decision which you can choose to either accept or decline. Once you’ve accepted we’ll transfer the money direct to your bank!

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