Which is the Best Slots Layout?

Slots Layout
Best Slots Layout

With so many different variations of slot games, there is an increasing amount of slot layouts. There are varying opinions on which slot layout is the best – check out beehive bedlam. 

What comprises the Layout of a Slot 

The layout of a slot consists of the reels and rows. These are the most important features of a slot game as without them the paying symbols would not be able to be featured in the game. The reels and rows of a slot can vary, depending on if you are playing an older or more modern slot game. Generally, modern slot games will offer much more complexity and variation when it comes to reels and rows whilst older slots are much more conservative and traditional. For example, older slot games mainly had three reels and one row. This limited amount was due to the technology which was available at the time. The term slot layout is often confused with the theme of a slot by players, the slot layout actually refers to the reels and rows which are available. 

Standard Slot Machine Layout 

Slots layouts can vary. Usually, a slot released in the past will use a standard slot machine layout. 

  1. The standard slot machine layout is three reels and one row. This meant that they had only one payline for the player.
  2. This standard slot machine layout was incredibly common in the first slots ever released. However, as technology advanced the standard slot machine layout started to change.
  3. Today, the standard slot machine layout would be viewed as five reels and three rows. This has the added benefits of increasing the amount of available paylines too.
  4. A big benefit that comes from using the standard slot machine layout is that they are much easier to use as players won’t have to worry about any complicated designs. Although this means that there are less available paylines, the gameplay will be much easier for the player to follow. 

Modern Slot Machine Layout 

While standard slot machine layouts are very simple to understand, modern slot machine layouts are slightly more complicated. Due to the technology available, modern slot machines use completely different layouts. 

  •     There are much more reels and rows available for players to use, though it can vary depending on which slot machine you are using.
  •     Sometimes, the available reels and rows will change mid game! This means that players will have alternating layouts depending on what they manage to trigger.
  •     An example of the unique modern slot layout would be the Megaways slot series of games. This slot series uses a unique slot layout which offers high numbers of reels and rows. As a consequence, the paylines available for this slot series are in the thousands.

Final Thoughts 

A standard slot machine layout is better for players who prefer a simpler design and a more manageable amount of paylines. Modern slot machine layouts are better for players who want more possible paylines, the amount of paylines can even change mid game!


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