Best 12 Private Search Engines in 2023

Private Search Engines


Leveraging your usual browser’s presumably private or incognito modes to conduct private browsing does not provide the confidentiality you expect. Consider using private search engines instead if you’re unsure. No data about your searches or online activities is stored or tracked when you use a private search engine.

A few are indeed there, but they all have different features and methods for protecting your searches. Most of these search engines provide you with a hidden location, just like you can change location with VPN. This article will explain the 12 best private search engines.

Best 12 Private Search Engines in 2022

  • Mojeek

Mojeek allows you to search for everything without compromising your confidentiality. It uses cutting-edge search technology to return both independent and unbiased results. There are billions of pages in Mojeek’s index from sources on every subject and theme imaginable.

  • Searx

Searx is a free metasearch engine that aggregates results from over 70 different search engines, but it does not track any personal information about you. Search engines can easily integrate because it is self-hosted and does not need to be hosted elsewhere.

  • Qwant

Using Qwant, you can search anonymously. There are no personalized ads in Qwant’s search results, and they are entirely unbiased and unfiltered. You can also use the search engine to keep up with the latest headlines and articles.

  • Swisscows

Swisscows is not only a private search engine, but it is also a family-friendly one. The service maintains a strict no-data tracking policy and no user search history. Swisscow indexes all of its searches, so they are completely independent.

  • DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is one of the most secure and privacy-focused search engines on the market. Because it’s designed for people who value their privacy, this search engine doesn’t display any customized ads on the results pages.

  • Startpage

When you use Startpage, you can ensure that your searches are private and that no one can track where you go when you use them. It provides access to a proxy server that shields you from websites that track your location or IP address like you change location with VPN.

  • WolframAlpha

Using WolframAlpha, you can get fast, accurate results while contributing to the open-source community. However, it’s a private search engine that doesn’t track what you’re looking for. This private search engine delivers expert knowledge about people, calculations, health, and medicines.

  • Disconnect Search 

The Disconnect Search engine collects no information about your online activities or IP address. It allows you to search by location to get location-specific relevant results as you change location with VPN.

  • Lukol

Lukol is regarded as one of the best private search engines for avoiding online fraudsters and spammer invasions. It ensures that your searches are completely private.

  • Gigablast

Gigablast searches billions of web pages and provides real-time data without tracking your online searches or browsing history. It is widely regarded as one of the best private search engines that shield your identity from marketers and spammers.

  • MetaGer

It is possible to conduct private, undetectable searches using MetaGer. Search results pages can be opened anonymously, and your IP address is hidden from the destination server thanks to a built-in proxy server.

  • Oscobo

Unlike other search engines, Oscobo doesn’t allow any tracking. This search engine does not keep or track any personal information about its users. You can use it to look up news, images, videos, and other types of content.


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