Surrogacy – Ultimate Guide to Getting The Process Done


Surrogacy is a unique process in reproductive medicine that allows couples with infertility issues to have their biological child. Infertile couples now have the opportunity to become parents of their genetic child and spend moments of joy with them. In the past, couples could only adopt a child and not opt for any surrogacy procedure because it was not that common. Still, now surrogacy has given a chance to all infertile couples to get the process done and become parents with their sperm and eggs. The modern sciences have been a game changer for all sterile couples.

Feskov reproductive clinic ensures that every family is happy and every family’s dreams must come true. For that, they offer a variety of reproductive procedures for infertile couples so that they have an equal opportunity to become parents regardless of the method. The ukrainian klinik der Feskov is the best among other clinics.

Some interesting facts about surrogacy in Ukraine’s Feskov reproductive clinic

There are altogether 18000 healthy children born through the surrogacy procedure done in the Feskov reproductive group in Ukraine. There are 52 countries where healthy children are born through the surrogacy process in Ukraine.

Feskov reproductive clinic works with 23 highly qualified scientists who are professionals and experts in their field. Interestingly in the database of donors when it comes to the Feskov reproductive clinic. There are 10000 egg donors whose samples are already there.

Why you should choose Fesko reproductive clinic for surrogacy process

There are a variety of reasons to choose a Feskov reproductive clinic for your ultimate choice to get the surrogacy procedure done. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Experience
    The first go to product of the clinic has been in the field of medicine since 1995. Since then the clinic has successfully completed thousands of vitro fertilization programs and there was always 100% guarantee for the process and the birth of a healthy baby.
  • Healthy newborn
    Experts of a Feskov reproductive clinic highly specialize in human genomics and PGD diagnostics. It allows the team members to select a healthy embryo and prevents the transmission of hereditary diseases. Moreover, it helps them to choose the sex of the future child too.
  • Confidentiality
    If you opt for the surrogacy process from the fesco reproductive clinic it is sure that you are insured confidentiality to the core. The clinic uses a separate system for each patient so that their personal information is safe and secure. 
  • Reliable database
    The Feskov reproductive clinic offers a separate database of mothers and I donors from different countries such as Asia, Europe, African phenotype and many others. You can choose the donor as per your choice.


Surrogacy is a unique process that allows sterile couples to become parents of the biological child. Even more, it helps the couples to choose any kind of process they want to get done as per their budget. There are different types of programs that the couples can choose and the clinic also allows them to choose the gender of the future child.


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