Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool Review

Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool

Prepostseo provides several online tools to help webmasters, bloggers, writers, students, and teachers.

The website has launched an excellent paraphrasing tool to paraphrase written content to avoid plagiarism.

This rewording tool uses the latest techniques and advanced algorithms to generate an effective result.

We’re here to share with you a detailed review of this online tool along with its features, benefits, uses, and pros & cons.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the review:

How to use Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool

The interface of this sentence rephraser is quite simple and easy to use.

  • Visit:
  • Simply copy and paste the document in the word changer:

Key Features of this Rephrase Tool

1.     Copy & Paste Directly from the Internet

Paraphrasing the content directly from the web is quite simple.

The best thing about this tool is that you can copy text directly from the web and paste it in the input box of the rewording tool to paraphrase the content.

After pressing the “Paraphrase” button, you’ll get excellent quality paraphrased content within a single click.

2.     Multiple Files Uploading

If you don’t want to use the copy and paste method to paraphrase content, then you have the option to upload files directly from the system.

This sentence changer tool also supports different files formats which includes .pdf, .txt, .docx and .doc.

3.     Google Drive

The interesting feature of this tool is that it also allows you to upload files directly from Google Drive within a single click.

4.     Final Output

The paraphrased content generated by this excellent app is totally copyright-free and it also makes content unique and impressive.

5.     Secure to use

This synonym changer of this rephraser tool is 100% secure and completely safe to use for any purpose.

It allows you to paraphrase unlimited content in a day without any limitation.

This online tool also allows you to rewrite sentences and several paragraphs just within a single click.

6.     Advance Version

It is one of the best features of this online paraphrasing tool. First, paste the text into the tool and click the Paraphrase button.

The tool paraphrases the content and gives some suggestions to edit the document.

Advance Version

You also have the option to Paraphrase the document again or can go back to the previous step as:

Once you are done with the editing, click on the “Next” button to view the final unique content report.

7.     Beta Version

This excellent feature of the tool allows you to check characters up to 5,000 in Fluency, Standard, and Creative ways.

It uses the latest AI technologies and also supports files in multiple formats.

It also allows you to paraphrase the content in different languages as:


By using this feature, you can easily copy or download the final result report just within a single click.

8.     Percentage

This feature of the tool also shows the percentage of the paraphrased content and displays the original text in the tool as well.

9.     Widely use for SEO purposes

It is completely safe for SEO purposes and doesn’t affect the structure of the content

10.   Use Variety of Online Tools

While using this amazing paraphrasing tool, you can also use multiple online tools to make content unique.

These tools allow you to check the plagiarism and grammar of the content that is written in the input box.

Who should use this Paraphrasing Tool?

This tool can be used by the following to make content unique and plagiarism-free:

·  Students

In order to rewrite sentences, assignments, or presentations, students widely use this online tool to make content unique.

If a teacher or a lecturer finds any plagiarized assignment or any other document, they can directly suspend the student without any warning.

·  Bloggers

They are responsible to upload high-quality content on the websites in a shorter time.

Also, it is very difficult to write content on daily basis by keeping the original idea the same.

So, they use this amazing tool because it can paraphrase a huge amount of content to make it unique and effective.

·  Freelancers

To provide the best quality content in a short time, most of the freelancers use sentence changer to paraphrase their content.

Also, freelancers are demanded to write content that they have already done before for the previous client.

So, to save their precious time, they use this amazing word changer that replaces specific words and keeps the original idea of content the same.

·   Researchers

They have to submit original research papers and use this perfect tool to avoid plagiarism in the content.

The rephraser makes changes from line to line to avoid plagiarism from their thesis work.

The paraphrase online by Prepostseowill provide the best quality results without changing the meaning of original content.

Commitments of this Online Tool

Consistent Results

With this online tool, you’ll get the best and consistent results.

The best thing about this tool is that it provides different amazing features to create unique and new content.

The content generated after using the tool will be completely plagiarism-free.

Accuracy and Time Saving

This online tool creates accurate results and saves your precious time in writing content from a scratch.

Simply paste different paragraphs or sentences and paraphrase it to get a new content

Pros & Cons

v Pros

  • This online tool givesefficient results within a few seconds.
  • Changes words, sentences, and paragraphs to create new content very efficiently
  • The tool can be easily accessible from any smart device
  • It always helps to create unique and copyright-free content

v Cons

  • The tool can’trephrase content more than 5,000 characters in its ‘Beta AI’ Version.
  • It doesn’t proofread the paraphrased content.

Pricing and Plans

Most people are wondering whether this online paraphrasing tool is free or not?

So, the good news is that the tool is completely free and 100% secure to use for both business and personal purposes.

The simple version of the tool is totally free and you can paraphrase unlimited words just within a single click.

You can also paraphrase up to 5,000 characters at a single time in its ‘Beta AI’ version.


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