Molekule Review: Cleaner Indoor Air On Trend for Parents

Molekule Review

A lot goes into finding the perfect small appliances that make every day just a little bit easier. When it comes to air purifiers, design, function, and price all come into play. Trendy Mami recently published a Molekule review that looked at the pros and cons of the high-quality air purifier.

“Now, more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that the air in our homes is pure and clean,” Trendy Mami writes. “It’s not something that might be at the top of our to-do lists for our home. However, investing in a high-quality air purifier is something everyone should be considering moving forward.”

In the review, she discusses Molekule Air Mini+ and examines the science behind the portable air purifier.

Using New PECO Technology

Parents are highly concerned about how viruses and other harmful particles can impact their children or even their aging parents. It is hard to feel confident about quality air when you know that COVID-19 has caused so many fast changes. Suddenly, people are wearing masks and putting up clear partitions to stop the spread of airborne germs.

These steps are important, and Molekule encourages use of PPE and medical countermeasures suggested by government authorities.

The change in behavior shows that we all know how harmful the air we breathe can be. The particles floating around could hurt us in a number of ways, from allergic reactions to long-term battles from chemical impact. Air can hurt lungs, impede breathing, or cause other physical symptoms.

PECO technology was developed over the past 25 years to help address the clean air crisis.

The innovative technology destroys these tiny particles, trapping the larger ones in the filter within. The two-step process cleans the air by breaking down these particles at the molecular level. It works to remove viruses, mold, bacteria, pollen, dander, chemicals, allergens, smoke, and more.

During this process, parents don’t have to worry about increasing the ozone in the air. Molekule has ensured, through careful engineering and third-party testing, that the units do not emit ozone. Instead, tests have shown that Molekule units actually remove ozone from the air.

A Trendy Yet Classic Look

Trendy Mami is all about good-looking products, and Molekule Air Mini+ passed the test with flying colors.

“The Molekule devices have a very sleek, modern and [minimalist] design,” Trendy Mami notes. “The build allows them to fit into most modern-day interior designs and decor for a home without standing out too much. The device has a nice vegan leather strap in order to transport it. In addition, it has space at the bottom of the device that can neatly wrap the power cord for cable management.”

This isn’t a look that’s going out of style.

The clean, white canister provides an easy fit into any space. Molekule units are designed to stand out as a beautiful product in an industry that rarely considers the full functionality or display of purifying units. Not only is the technology groundbreaking, but the design is also a fantastic experience for every customer.

The thoughtful design also includes eco-friendly packaging. There is a reusable bag to help cushion the unit. The company reduces throwaway plastics by using cardboard designs for the packaging. Packaging inserts are made of recycled paper. Molekule has worked to create a wonderful unboxing experience while reducing additional waste burdens to the environment.

Simple Household Integration

Molekule has been devoted to improving the customer experience every chance it gets. The Trendy Mami Molekule review noted that installation was a breeze. Intuitive, top-touch sensors make it easy to turn on and control.

On a low setting, the device is incredibly quiet. As the user turns it up to provide a faster cleaning process, it does get louder. Trendy Mami notes that it would be ideal to keep the machine on high during the day when the homeowner was gone and then low during moments at home. The device could go on high again at night to provide white noise for sleeping. If that was bothersome, it could also be set on high to clean the main rooms at a faster rate while people are sleeping or left on low in a bedroom.

With the Molekule app, you can even control Air with multiple settings via WiFi on your smartphone or tablet. The app lets you check the filter status and see information about particle levels in your space.

“This is beyond just design,” says Rao. “It’s about integrating science, innovation, hardware, and software into products that people actually want to use.”

The Power of PECO

With the power of PECO, parents know that viruses, harmful chemical pollutants, smoke, and other bad particles are being destroyed. The air we breathe is important for helping us stay healthy. With the revolutionary PECO technology, Molekule is onto something incredible.

This technology can help clean the air of an office or home. As it runs continuously, it keeps destroying the unhealthy particles in the air. Homeowners don’t have to give up their sense of design because Molekule can fit in with any décor. The smart product is ideal for family settings and workplaces alike.


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