How to choose a soundbar?

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If we hope to obtain a sound quality worthy of that which we experience in the cinema, we should not rely too much on flat screens! So how do you do it? The solution is simple and is called “sound bar”, it offers a much better sound reproduction than that of TVs without taking up much space. Full of advantages, find out why you too will succumb to it thanks to our buying guide.

Define the use of the soundbar to know which criteria to focus on. It is not always easy to know where to look when choosing your sound bar. The criteria are numerous and often they do not speak to us. Here is how to know which criteria to give importance according to the use you will have of your soundbar:

Watch your favorite films in sound immersion: if it is the impression of depth, the creation of a soundstage that you are looking for, then favor models of multi-channel systems and 3D surround technology, such as for example Sony models, the XT-ZF9 and XT-X8500 sound bar or the BomakerOdine I.

Listen to your favorite music: in this case, you want the best quality soundbar under Rs.15000 that can cover the sound spectrum impeccably, with bass that is present. Also prefer a sound bar that can be connected via Bluetooth in order to be able to play your music from your smartphone. We think here of the Yamaha YAS-207 and the Bose Solo 5.

Connect and use all your devices at once: If you want to be able to switch from one device to another without having to worry about having to plug them in every time, focus on the connections offered by the soundbar. For example, the BomakerOdine III offers various connection modes and the Sony XT-XZF9 offers two HDMI inputs.

A subwoofer or not for my sound bar?

Anyone who has ever been traumatized by the sound of bass that spits out as soon as a certain sound level is exceeded has the same question: is a sound bar sufficient to cover all the bass?

This will obviously depend on the different models, but some manufacturers have given us nice surprises in recent years, especially with the Bomaker soundbars, whose bass really holds up even at high volumes. But this is not the case with all models!

Either way, whether the model has a paired subwoofer or not, you won’t have too many problems hiding it. Indeed, manufacturers have also taken into account the comments of customers on the lack of aesthetics of the boxes and have developed wireless models, more mobile and easily concealed in the corner of a piece of furniture.

The advantages of the sound bar over the home theater

While home cinema was talked about a few years ago as the only way to get decent sound on your television, the sound bar was touted as its alternative. But what are the real benefits of the sound bar:

Size: the sound bar is very discreet, it is placed below the television and goes almost unnoticed. It also takes up much less space than 5 or 7 speakers dispatched around the room, useful for small spaces.

The connections: a single component for the bar (two for models with subwoofers) against a minimum of 5 for house cinemas… there is no photo, it necessarily takes less time.

The cost: once again, less end, a smaller size, obviously the price is also reduced! If you are looking for the economy go for a sound bar.

The settings: most sound bars have predefined settings adapted to the different listening modes, while for home cinema you must make all the settings yourself between the speakers in order to create your sound environment.

What price for my sound bar?

As you can imagine, the sound bar is no exception to the rules that you can use any product offered for sale in a market economy: there is something for all prices. You will be able to find cheaper or more expensive models. Generally, what differs are the listening modes available, the diversity of the connection modes and especially the quality of the speakers and of the sound in general.

So, for an immersive soundstage experience and speakers that detail every noise of each, you need to increase your budget and turn to Sony branded devices, for example, which are known for it.

In addition, low price does not necessarily rhyme with poor quality because it can be seen in the two products offered by the brand and even their bass is of excellent quality!

Connection point: pay attention to compatibility

Even if it means buying a sound bar, as much as it can connect to your devices, right? This does not necessarily follow from the source, but you will have to take an interest in the connection modes that you offer your new device and check that it is compatible with your TV for example.

Here are the connection modes most often found on soundbars:

  • HDMI: The sound bar should have an HMDI input you will find it written “HDMI Out”. To check the compatibility with your television, see that it is equipped with an ARC connection which is the only one allowing sound to come out!
  • HDMI 4K Pass Through: this ensures that the sound bar will be compatible with your 4K television so as not to degrade the quality, this connection is not universal, so check the information on your sound bar.
  • Optical: this also allows you to connect your television to your sound bar. It kind of replaces the HMDI port if you don’t have one. The optical price will be defined on your TV as “DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT
  • AUX: This allows you to connect the soundbar to your computer, laptop or even your CD player via a double jack cable (the same end as the earphones)
  • USB: To read the music on the stick directly
  • Bluetooth: This connection allows you to connect all your “portable” devices so that you can use the sound bar as a wireless speaker and play your favorite music!
  • Wi-Fi: This rarer type of connection can also connect your sound bar wirelessly to all of your devices!


You are now armed to choose the sound bar that suits you best! Prepare to spend unforgettable evenings living an immersive cinema-like sound experience. You can already forget about the poor sound quality of your TV and choose your new sound bar wisely.


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