What to Do If You Have a Cracked iPad Screen

Cracked iPad Screen

Did you know that Apple sold over 45 million iPads in the year 2020? iPads are amazing and innovative pieces of technology that have helped to revolutionize the way people live their lives, enjoy their entertainment, and even do business. As great as these devices are, they sometimes sustain a damaged or cracked iPad screen.

It is important as an iPad owner that you know how to fix a cracked iPad screen and what to do when you experience an iPad screen crack. The good news is that you’ve come to the perfect place to get the answers you need about cracked iPad screen repair. This way you won’t be caught off guard when you discover that my iPad screen cracked.

Continue reading for more information about what to do when your iPad screen needs cracked iPad screen repair.

The Different Cracked iPad Screen Stages and What To Do

There are different stages that come with a cracked iPad screen that you need to be aware of. These stages are based on the amount of damage to your iPad’s screen. The severity of the damage helps you determine how pressing your needs are for cracked iPad screen repair. Here is a closer look at the different cracked screen stages.

A Small Crack

The first stage is a small crack in your iPad’s screen that is barely noticeable to the naked eye. This crack usually starts at one of the corners of your iPad and results from bumping it against something or dropping it on the floor.

When the crack is this small it is likely you won’t even notice it for a while and then you’ll wonder when and how you cracked your screen. When the damage is this small the best approach to take is to do nothing. It isn’t worth the money or time it takes to repair or replace your screen based on this small amount of damage.

You need to keep a close watch on this small crack to see if it continues to spread along the screen of your iPad. It is normal for a small crack to gradually grow across your screen over time. The best approach to take is to use your iPad gently to prevent the crack from growing quicker.

Another option to consider is getting an iPad screen protector. This will help to prevent the crack from growing and help put off the need to visit an Ipad screen repair near me.

Multiple Spreading Cracks

The next stage of a cracked iPad screen is multiple spreading cracks on your screen. While this isn’t a good sign, it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue using your iPad. Your screen’s brightness and clarity should still be in good working order though it is normal to feel uneasy about the cracks in your screen.

Pay close attention to the cracks in your screen as it is a matter of time before they continue growing and expanding. It doesn’t take long for a cracked screen to grow from bad to worse. It still isn’t a situation where you need immediate screen repair due to the price that screen repair costs you.

Part of the reason that you’re better off waiting is that you won’t be charged more for repairing or replacing your screen if you have more or larger cracks later on. Your best bet is to wait and get continued use out of your iPad before getting repairs.

Cracks That Reach Across Your Screen

Cracks that extend across the length or width of your screen are where you start to encounter bigger issues. It is normal for these cracks to be pretty deep into the glass of your iPad’s screen. This means that it doesn’t take much for these cracks to grow and cause further damage.

A good strategy for cracks that cross your entire screen is to try continuing to use your device and see if the problem gets worse. If things continue to deteriorate, look into getting a screen repair or replacement in the near future for your device. You’ll likely still get enough use from your iPad to allow for time to save money for your screen repairs.

Cracks That Distort Color

Once you’ve got cracks that distort the colors displayed by your iPad screen you know that you’re not far from needing a screen repair or replacement. These types of cracks make it difficult to get the full use and function out of your iPad device. They make it difficult to read text or see pictures on the screen.

If your screen’s damage reaches this extent then you need to find a professional repair service near you to help you get your iPad back into like-new condition. Nothing will fix your iPad at this point besides getting a whole new screen to replace your cracked or broken one.

Multiple Large Cracks

The worst stage of a cracked iPad screen is when you have multiple large cracks that don’t allow you to use the touchscreen capabilities. These cracks will continue to spread the more you try to use your iPad’s screen. It will make it almost impossible to use the touchscreen, making your iPad useless.

When your iPad reaches this level of damage there is nothing that will fix it short of a complete screen replacement. If you have AppleCare Plus then it is likely that you’ll get a screen replacement for the standard AppleCare cost of $49. You should also check to see if your device is still under warranty to try to get a cheaper iPad screen replacement service.

Get Your Cracked iPad Screen Fixed Today

A big part of knowing when to fix your cracked iPad screen is understanding the extent of the damage. There are types of damage that are minimal and won’t prevent you from getting full use out of your iPad device. It is best to wait until the cracks grow larger to get iPad screen repairs.

There are other types of cracks in your iPad screen that require immediate attention and repairs in order to get the full capabilities out of your iPad.

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