Benefit of Kubernetes Deployment in Your Organization

Kubernetes deployment

It is not surprising that DevOps are taking to Docker given its superior advantages. When one talks about Docker then Kubernetes is not far behind. Kubernetes is an ideal tool to manage and automate containerized workloads. Kubernetes is Google’s open source project that brings to the table the giant’s expertise and experience in large scale production loads. Kubernetes is fluidly adaptable as a container platform, as a cloud platform and as a microservice platform among others since it orchestrates storage, networking and computing in a seamless way, making it indispensable for your organization. There are quite a few benefits to deploying Kubernetes from a Kubernetes certified service provider.

Why deploy Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is, by far, one of the best platforms with features that fit right into the workflow with options for customization. Kubernetes features include self-healing, horizontal scaling, storge orchestration, intelligent scheduling, automated rollouts and rollbacks, batch execution, service discovery and load balancing and management of secret configuration among others. It depends on you and the Kubernetes solution provider to configure and put in place a custom Kubernetes platform suited to your work environment. Each feature has its advantages.

Horizontal autoscaling

Kubernetes does not manage containers but handles pods that comprise of one or more containers. Apps are wrapped in pods through abstraction. If many users access the app at the same time then Kubernetes automatically replicates the pods and balances loads. You do not face the ignominy of downtime. Further, Kubernetes permits scaling of software and teams working on it through the method of decoupled architecture. In this method APIS and service load balancers keep components separate and program size can be adjusted without affecting other layers of the service.

Support for various storage types

A production environment may have various types of storage such as glusterfs and nfs. Kubernetes handles ephemeral as well as persistent volumes with support for various storage types as well as cloud storage. Since the persistent volume does not depend on a pod one can retain data for as long as needed.

Management of containers becomes easy

Kubernetes is open source and free but it does take expertise and experience to put together a container management system by an experienced and Kubernetes certified service provider. Lt becomes easy to manage containers since Kubernetes manages pods with ease and flawlessly too. if pods do not start then there is no need to redeploy the app and waste time. Similarly, apps can be updated from a repository since Kubernetes pulls up and updates pods using webhooks. Kubernetes scales and updates apps in the pods that are currently not in use through a process known as rolling update.

Speed and automation

Speed and automation translate to time savings and time is money. Kubernetes implementation by an expert Kubernetes solution provider can automate deployment with the help of configuration management tools. If only Docker is used then one can build images to run containers but as the number of containers increases deployment using the manual process is slowed down. It is possible to write scripts and other processes in Kubernetes for fast deployment.

Rollback is easy

Kubernetes environment makes use of declarative configuration as opposed to imperative configuration that necessitates a series of instructions to define state of the system. The declarative configuration is far less prone to errors and rollbacks are easy unlike in imperative configuration. Further, there is immutability with Kubernetes deployment. Updating an application is as easy as building a new container image and giving it a new tag. The old container is killed but a record of artifacts is maintained to help rollback to the previous image.

There is a whole lot more to what is possible and better when you deploy Kubernetes in your organization. In order to achieve a fine tuned engine it is well worth the effort to rope in a Kubernetes certified service provider like Ecosmob.


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