10 ways to win more with Roulette


Are you someone who loves playing Roulette, but feels like you could be winning more if you only knew how? If so, this blog post is for you! Here, we’re going to share 10 tips that will help you increase your chances of winning when playing Roulette. Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Always bet with the dealer

This is a rule that you should always follow when playing roulette, regardless of which casino game you are playing. The dealer in the roulette wheel guides the ball at all times, and if it falls into your number or color, then you win! It’s really simple to understand why this is something that will improve your chances of winning more often, so make sure you do not ignore this piece of advice.

  1. Don’t forget about insurance

Insurance bets are one of the most powerful ways to win with Roulette online… but they are also one of the easiest to overlook. You can place an insurance bet just before any spin, by choosing between Black/Red and Even/Odd. If the ball lands on your chosen color or number, then you will get paid out 2:1! However, if it lands on the other choice (i.e. your insurance didn’t payout), then you lose your original bet and don’t receive any winnings. Keep in mind that these bets can be placed at any stage during a spin, so there is no need to wait until after the ball has dropped into a winning number or color before placing them; it could end up costing you free spins in the long run!

  1. Learn how to use Martingale to ensure higher profits

Martingale is one of the most popular betting strategies when playing Roulette online, as it can help you make more profit when using smaller stakes. It is very simple to understand, but the basic idea is that if you win in one round, you use your winnings to increase your next bet size. If you continue to win consecutively, then this strategy can be used to ensure bigger profits overall… just be careful not to go bust!

  1. Find out what different bets mean

Most online casinos offer a wide range of different bets for their customers to choose from, which means that it’s important to know what each bet type does before choosing where and how much money you place down on each round. For example, inside bets are wagers between numbers or small groups of them (e.g 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 1st 18), while outside bets wager on large groups of numbers (e.g. first 3, second 3, or first 6). There is also the option to place more complicated bets, such as “doubling up” and “street”; these require a deeper understanding of Roulette and its betting terminology before you can successfully use them, so make sure you take some time to educate yourself beforehand if you would like to see more profit over time!

  1. Get yourself a high paying casino bonus

When playing Roulette at an online casino for real money, it’s important that you take the time to research which casinos offer the best promotions. This can improve your chances of winning more often, as you will have a higher chance of receiving free spins or cashback rewards. It is also worth mentioning that casinos will often give bonuses to players who would like to try out their newly released Roulette games first; these are known as “no deposit”, and they allow you to test the game for nothing!

  1. Get an advantage by finding fixed odds betting at Joo Casino

Casumo casino offers fixed odds betting on most of their Roulette games, which can be used in order to maximize your chances of returning home with more money than you placed down. This applies especially when playing live dealer roulette, where there are no house edge bets available (i.e. Banker or Player bets). In these cases, you can make the bet type “Fixed” and select a number, color, or dozen – this will prevent your betting stake from being affected by the outcome of each round.

  1. Try out different variations of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most well-known casino games online, but it still has a few surprises in store for those who take the time to explore all of its fun variations! Joo Casino offers an impressive library of 25 different types, so why stick with the standard American style when you could play Royal Crown French Roulette and double up on 11s? Or perhaps try something completely different such as Multi Wheel Roulette, where there are multiple spinning wheels on the screen at once!

  1. Take some risks by playing Live Dealer Roulette

Online Casinos offer a wide range of different types of online Roulette, but few are as exciting as their new live casino games. These are played against sleek HD video feeds of real croupiers spinning the wheel and dealing the cards, helping to ensure that you feel part of each game – which can result in more thrills and ultimately more money won!

  1. Check out free spins no deposit offers before signing up for new casinos

Free spins no deposit is very common when signing up bonuses for a new casino, so it’s advised that you check what they have to offer before deciding where to place your first wager. For example, Joo Casino offers a massive 888 free spins no deposit on its first four deposits for Roulette players, which means that you could potentially receive 32 free games to test out their live version!

  1. Use the right roulette strategy

In conclusion, finding the best online casino to play at can yield big rewards in the long term if you place your bets strategically and use only the best bonuses. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how Roulette works, as well as see more winnings being paid into your account over time!


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