The Complete Guide to Choosing The Best Gaming Font


One of the easiest methods to introduce distinctive characters is by using the best gaming font. Additionally, it’s one of the simplest methods to increase or decrease the game’s utility. 

But if you have the full instructions provided below, you can choose the ideal font for the game you want to make. Let’s get started on the following subjects without further ado.

Think about the setting of the game

Analyzing the circumstance is the first step in deciding which typeface is best for your game. Is the game’s setting in the past or in space? A typeface’s style can give off a certain vibe and is a great approach to give the game identity while also advancing the subject. 

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to be an expert to determine which font is more retro or sci-fi. Because they have been manufactured for so long, serif typefaces have an old feel to them. Sans serifs, which are relatively new, give documents a futuristic or contemporary feel.

Think about the Text Category

When selecting the ideal gaming fonts, keep in mind the text’s functions in video games. The font style selected must be appropriate for the circumstance and each role may have numerous purposes. But it would be unrealistic to use a different typeface for every part.

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The preferable choice is to utilize fewer fonts. Choose fonts for the headline, subtitle, and any legible body text, at the very least. Finding the appropriate font while limiting the amount of typefaces and preserving overall font consistency would be the next challenge. You can also change the typeface to divide the elements.

Consider the languages that will be employed.

While some video games are only available in a single language, others are. You must look for a typeface that supports several languages if you want to release your game in more than one language. For a variety of characters with Roman roots, Open Sans, for instance, offers strong language support.

Unfortunately, it is getting more and harder to find a typeface that supports every language that is now spoken. Choose a font with a variety of faces if you want the best gaming font. There should be bold, bold italic, italic, and standard font styles accessible. 

Consider the genre of the game

A video game’s typeface style is greatly influenced by its genre. The gameplay is a significant focus of most video game genres. Others, however, take into account genre aesthetics like atmosphere and scene.

Action or adventure games work best with blocky sans serif fonts. The rectilinear forms are like bricks and stones in adventure games. Every font produces a different atmosphere that can be adjusted for the gaming genre.

Gaming menus

To inform players of their character’s stats, equipment, leveling up, goals, and game customization options, video games use menus. The player must make sense of a lot of contradictory information at once, thus visual hierarchy and UX principles are crucial.

Headlines and body material are often the primary font choices here. Even if the body content is often in the form of a paragraph, the title can be more attention-grabbing. As studio From Software does in their well-known item descriptions, it is also completely legal to use the same type foundry for the headline and body and to distinguish between them using placement. Additionally, the headline is highlighted with a background brush stroke in Sekiro (2019).

Dialogue and subtitles

Video games used to frequently include subtitle text because lip synchronization issues made it challenging to understand a character’s dialogue. It is less important as high-budget games become more realistic.

Some gamers still choose subtitles, and they are obviously an essential accessibility element. The subtitle text should come first when choosing a typeface, despite the inclination to make it unnoticeable. This includes avoiding fonts that are too thin or compressed for easy reading.

Text with a diegetic tone

Up until now, we’ve just talked about game language that is aimed at the player and doesn’t relate to the game’s plot. Text can be found in the game environment in the form of signs, posters, letters, labels, and book covers, depending on how realistic the game is. This is known as diegetic text, and it functions similarly to diegetic sound in movies.

Fonts for many types of gaming

The genre of your game has a big impact on the font design, in addition to the text’s purpose and the type of information it contains. Platformer, puzzle game, and metroidvania are just a few examples of popular video game genres that relate to gameplay mechanics; nonetheless, for the purposes of this article, we’ll study genre in terms of setting and atmosphere.

While genres may be useful when talking about large subjects, they are by nature arbitrary. When choosing fonts for your game, keep in mind that it could simultaneously incorporate elements from several different genres.

Action/adventure game fonts

Although it frequently depicts fantastical journeys to exotic locales and heroic deeds, the action/adventure genre can be difficult to define. The best examples are high-budget adventures like Tomb Raider and Uncharted. Other than that, fonts in this category frequently have a harsh, square appearance and are characterized by weathering elements like chipped or missing edges.

Fonts for role-playing games

In that they feature magic, quests, and are typically set in the distant past, fantasy games are comparable to action/adventure games. Traditional, narrow serifs are a great option for achieving a storybook or old scroll appearance because of this. Designers can also combine sans serifs with pre-digital typographic components, such as the journal typeface in God of War (2017), which includes the traditional lowercase “a” and “g” versions.

Fonts for sci-fi games

Sci-fi games, whether set in the near or distant future, are all about pushing what we presently have to its limits.

Minimalist, geometric sans serifs are now the norm for digital screens. Sci-fi games frequently emphasize these fonts’ severe edges or flatten their curves, lighting them with the occasional neon glow. This gives the fonts the appearance of being nearly entirely computer generated, which is how we often envisage everything in the future, for better or worse.

Fonts for horror games

The horror genre includes a few different approaches to font selection. Classic horror games, such as Resident Evil (1995) and Silent Hill (1998), are based on puzzle mechanics and text adventures, and they provide the player with minimal information about items in the environment through detailed visuals and sparse text.

Last Thoughts

If you are still having problems deciding on the finest gaming font for your game, it is best to hunt for inspiration. Your favorite games might be a big assistance in building your own. You can also visit Pollux of Germaniums website, where they have a library of fonts for your gaming needs.


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