Potential Use Cases for High-Resolution Satellite Images

Potential Use Cases for High-Resolution Satellite Images

High-resolution satellite images can be a uniquely beneficial tool for many companies that are interested in a specific type of image. However, when you look at something like Pleiades Neo satellite images, you might not know much about how different companies and individuals use them. That’s because many people don’t know about all the different use cases for these types of images. Here are four ways that you might be able to use these high-resolution images.

  1. Video Games

Video games often use high-resolution satellite images to lend a sense of realism to a game. A loading screen, for example, may showcase high-resolution satellite images, showing where the player is going to go once the screen has stopped loading. This makes the player think about that high-resolution satellite image, which makes them subconsciously think that the game is a realistic depiction of that location. It’s an effective way to manage a player’s expectations.

  1. TV and Film

Have you ever been watching a TV show or a movie where someone panned around satellite imagery of a location? Chances are, that satellite imagery was purchased from a company that specializes in doing these things in real life. It probably is actually real satellite imagery, albeit possibly edited to match whatever the TV show or movie needs the imagery to do. Most of the time, it’s much cheaper, easier, and more effective to purchase real satellite imagery than to try and recreate it.

  1. News and Special Interest Stories

News outlets may use high-resolution satellite images as a way to connect with readers or as a way to back up their story. For example, if you’re reading a news story about city development in Nepal, the news story may use satellite imagery of Nepal over multiple years to showcase their point about the development of the city. These images can help readers connect with the story, and they can prove that the story is to some degree rooted in fact.

  1. Environmental Management

Especially in recent years, many environmental management organizations have started using high-resolution satellite images to look into the environment. Some organizations have used high-resolution satellite images to catch illegal logging, to showcase the dire nature of deforestation, or to discuss the effects of climate change. These images can help an organization actively track environmental issues, and, similarly to news stories, they can also help everyday individuals relate to the issues that the organization is trying to highlight.


Pleiades Neo satellite images can be incredibly beneficial in a wide variety of areas. Whether you’re interested in helping the environment, you’re writing a deep news piece, or you’re creating a TV show, video game, or film, you can use satellite images to enhance all of them. You just need to know where you’re planning to go with it and make sure you get the most high-quality images out there. As long as you stick to the best quality, you’ll get the best results out of your image usage.



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